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Average ratings=4,2 / 10 stars; Tory Jones; Genres=Horror; Jack Norman, Dale Miller; 91 minutes

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countries - Japan. Casts - Takuya Sakurai. Writer - Kinya Ogawa

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writed by: Anne Gallert. 2017. genre: Documentary. Synopsis: A portrait of Ulrike and Andreas, two people who were born handicapped because their mothers used the drug "Contergan" during their pregnancy. Ulrike was born without ears and is completely deaf, Andreas was deformed arms and hands, unequally long legs, and can hardly hear

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Wes Rawlins (Wes Brown) is a bounty hunter, a man of few words and the West's quickest draw. Wes is devastated when his mother is murdered by a couple of outlaws still on the run. He is determined to solve the crime and bring justice to his family. Wes leaves his grandparents (Meredith Baxter and Barry Corbin) to find the father he never knew, Ray Eastman (Kevin Sorbo)
354 Vote
Directed by=David S. Cass Sr
6,6 / 10 star

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Fernanda Rossi
Genre Documentary
duration 90 Minute
After being framed by the media, filmmaker and homeopath Ananda More crisscrosses the world to meet with scientists, practitioners, and patients to learn whether homeopathy is science-based or is an elaborate placebo that cons millions and endangers lives

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  • Average rating: 9,3 / 10
  • Genre: Drama
  • writed by: Juan Gordon, Andrés Gómez D
  • 17 Vote
  • Cast: Alejandra Chamorro

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Chris Hale

directed by Chris Hale

Countries UK

Year 2017

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Countries: UK / Philip Mearns / Release year: 2013 / Runtime: 1H 20 minutes / synopsis: The Shadow of Bigfoot is a movie starring Kirsty Cox, Keith Eyles, and Lindsay Groves. An obsessed Bigfoot hunter heads an expedition into the woods to prove the creature exists, once and for all. His deadly methods put his team at

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actor=Sam Stone. Director=Johnny Royal. country=USA. Release Year=2018

Genres family musical Between Us

User Ratings - 6,3 / 10

genre - Comedy

creator - Rafael Palacio Illingworth

Duration - 1 Hours 40 Minute

story - Thirlby and Feldman play a couple confronted by the fear that settling down and getting married means their carefree days as city-dwelling young adults coming to an abrupt and depressing end. Both are tempted by the allure of another life before ultimately realizing why they fell in love in the first place

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tomatometers - 5,2 of 10 rating - 2147 votes Actor - Aimi Satsukawa Writers - Takashi Shimizu Country - Japan

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writer - Hiroshi Horiuchi
Lily, Tomiyuki Kunihiro
Audience Score - 26 Vote
country - Japan

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directed by: Nastia Tarasova; Rating: 17 vote; Genre: Adventure; info: An adventurous home brewer from Pennsylvania undertakes an unexpectedly harsh journey to the Arctic losing some of his friends on the way but achieving his goal - brewing an old recipe of Arctic ale, popular with the 19-century British sailors searching for the North-West passage; countries: Russia

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42 Minute. Genre=Documentary. Directed by=Teresa Previdi

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Duration=77 minutes. Directed by=Bart van Leemputten. Average Ratings=6,4 / 10. Actor=Hans Cornelissen. Score=111 votes

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actors David A.R. White / USA / An archival portrait spanning 30 years that follows the rise of Christian cinema's most visible presence, David A.R. White, and how he came to found the largest Christian production company, Pure Flix. Made up entirely of over 50 interviews, movies, and TV shows, "Pure Flix and Chill" is a critical analysis of a failed culture war and its prophet / Anthony Simon


movie info - Metro is a TV movie starring Mädchen Amick, Emma Dumont, and Danny Pino. This movie is centered around a hostage negotiator who's ex is kidnapped by an individual who makes him go against his training and thinking about killing. 24 Votes. Directors - Stephen Gaghan. Danny Pino. USA

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Ratings 9,2 of 10. liked it 31 vote. Thomas Baldinger. USA. reviews When Jonathan Burke, a financial advisor, starts dating Jenna Casey, an aspiring lawyer, Johnathan's best friend Andy Romeo is convinced she looks exactly like a famous adult film star. Not only does Johnathan have to deal with his friends claim but he also has to juggle his relationship with his boss who is possibly black-mailing him and is Jenna's brother-in-law

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review: This documentary deals with work, poverty, violence, love and sex. A film about human beauty in twelve chapters which tells the tales of people from Bombay, Mexico City, Moscow and New York, who are all struggling for survival, with ingenuity, intelligence and dignity. They all share the dream of a better life
Genre: Documentary
Release year: 1998
773 votes
Runtime: 1H, 30Minute


1hours 22 min

Genre Sci-Fi

Rating 5,8 of 10

Andrew MacKenzie

score 256 vote

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Genre: Music
Prey For Rock & Roll is the story of Jacki and her all-girl rock and roll band, Clam Dandy, who are trying to make it in the LA club scene of the late 1980s. After ten years of being ignored by record producers, Jacki and the band find hope in one producer who promises to see them play and consider them for a contract. Jacki resolves to play this one last gig and then throw in the towel if she does not find success. Personal tragedies, however, threaten to rip the band apart, rocking the foundation of friendship and trust the women have built together. Ultimately, the band must find its strength in the music that is their passion and the thread that holds them together, inspiring them to prevail
6,9 / 10
liked it: 1852 Votes

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Comedy year 2005 directed by Maksim Pezhemskiy Cast Nikolay Chindyaykin synopsis The long-awaited sequel to the 1997 hit "Mama, Ne Goryuy" is set in the town of N where the Mayor Elections are about to begin. The two candidates include the local Prokuror and a crime boss know as the Tourist. The peaceful life of a small sea town is interrupted by journalists, PR-agents and other people involved in the election campaigns. And all seems to be quite OK until the Sailor (Panin) comes back

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