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Alessandro Cassigoli; Documentary; synopsis: In the age of non-stop news feeds, disposable media, and the constant self-documentation of our lives, we exist in a perpetual flow of impressions of the world. What remains on the retina? What do we decide to record? What do we preserve as memories and what shapes who we are? The Things We Keep is a kaleidoscope of stories and images drawn from 15 years of tapes and hard drives containing personal and journalistic footage. It plunges you into the back of smuggler trucks crossing the Sahara and into all night parties in Berlin. It leads you from a carefree student life in Rome, to the sniper alleys of Aleppo, and into a homeless shelter in Detroit. What begins as charming filmmaking by two friends who meet in the naiveté of their early twenties, quickly evolves into a broader meditation on what it means to go out into the world, and eventually come home; country: France

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duration 15 min; Short; year 2018; directed by Ash Sarkar

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Genres Documentary / Syd Lim / tomatometers 8,2 / 10 / audience score 18 votes

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India / Liked It=86 Votes / Directed by=Aneesh Krishna / abstract=Ala Ela is a movie starring Rahul Ravindran, Kushi, and Hebah Patel. A romantic comedy that involves a dying grandfather's wish for his grandson to marry a village girl chosen for him by the grandfather. The reluctant grandson / Rahul Ravindran

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Richard Halpern countries USA A 20-something delivery woman for a local Korean restaurant is enticed by a costumer (who is obsessed with her). The two begin a friendly relationship that develops into terror for her, her family and the customers she delivers to

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abstract Founded by climate change specialist Roberto Jimenez, Costa Rica's Group CO2 is a youth environmental collective bringing together the country's future experts to lead on the mitigation of urgent climate change issues. Roberto Jiménez. 9,2 / 10. Genre Documentary. country Costa Rica

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genres - Documentary / Leo Santos / country - South Africa, Brazil / story - Beto, a policeman from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, goes to South Africa trying to understand how that country managed to clean up the marks of Apartheid and what we brazilians can learn from your society

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Story: A bakery in the woods that feeds baby serpents is in deep trouble; Country: USA; Writed by: Christopher Spirit B; Audience Score: 10 Votes; Genres: Animation

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5,9 / 10. Writed by: Alberto Ferreras. story: Que viva la música is a movie starring Paulina Dávila, Alejandra Ávila, and Juan Aguirre. Driven by the music and dancing that she finds along the way, a teenager leaves home and not minding the consequences, is willing to try. Mexico. runtime: 1 Hour 41 minute

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genre Sport Kevin Lincoln audience score 18 votes Directed by Todd Kapostasy Runtime 60Minutes

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Brief: Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben is a movie starring Kostja Ullmann, Jacob Matschenz, and Anna Maria Mühe. An ambitious young man struggles to achieve his dream of becoming an employee in a Munich luxury hotel despite being strongly

country: Germany

Creators: Ruth Toma

Duration: 1H 51minute

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