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genre: Drama, Horror; countries: USA; duration: 1 Hour 32 min; Story: Lost Creek is a movie starring Brynna Bartoo, Lisa Coruzzi, and Bethany Duff. As they approach the end of childhood, three elementary school kids must brave the woods on Halloween to face a monster born from their nightmares; year: 2016

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Release Year: 2014. Movie info: Mom's Day Away is a TV movie starring Bonnie Somerville, James Tupper, and Ona Grauer. A frustrated stay-at-home mom takes a weekend away when her family ignores her over Mother's Day. Audience Score: 312 Vote. writed by: Tippi Dobrofsky. James Tupper

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Ender Gülçiçek Liked It=84 Vote 76 Minute User rating=4,2 of 10 Star Country=Turkey

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country: Netherlands. 2015. synopsis: An immature thirty-something starts a women's amateur soccer team in hope of reconnecting with her settled-down best friend. writed by: Lotte Tabbers, Lotte Tabbers. stars: Elisa Beuger

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cast - Michael Angelis / synopsis - When trouble strikes at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Thomas is sent to help his Narrow Gauge engine friends. While shunting and hauling, he catches a glimpse of a small engine trying to hide, yet no one will provide any clues to the engine's identity. Thomas is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery but discovering the truth is harder than he imagined! / 7,2 of 10 stars / Runtime - 62 minute / Creators - Sharon Miller

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Austria / writer Christian Vuissa / Runtime 1 h, 35Minute / abstract The powerful true story behind the most popular Christmas carol of all time. In 1818, when Joseph Mohr is assigned to be the new assistant priest in Oberndorf, a small Austrian town near Salzburg, the young man is full of ideas and ideals. His passion to bring the church closer to the common people sets him on a collision course with his superior, Father Noestler. When Mohr organizes a church choir that includes outcasts from the local tavern and performs in German instead of Latin, Noestler threatens him with disciplinary action. The night before Christmas, Mohr has to decide if he will accept defeat and leave Oberndorf or embrace the true significance of the Holy Night / 2012

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