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Brief A year after their son goes missing, a couple handle the loss in varying ways, growing apart from one another and their reality genres Drama Duration 1 hours 45Min actor Elisabeth Moss Average ratings 5,9 of 10

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Country USA
Genre Documentary
Beth Toni Kruvant

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release Year - 2012 / brief - A German expedition with a international crew is in the remote Arctic ice when the 2nd world war starts, and they are commanded to take active part in the war. Soon they find themselves in a fight of life and death / Genre - War / ratings - 5,9 of 10 stars / Creators - Peter Dalle

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Countries: Germany; score: 331 Votes; Average Rating: 6,9 / 10 stars; Laura Lackmann; Brief: Twenty-two-year-old Karo (Claudia Eisinger) decides that it is high time for a therapy. The emotional and sometimes selfish young woman has lost her beloved job, stressing with her mother Luzy (Katja Riemann) and is generally in a pretty deep hole. As she deals with the question of what to do with her life now, she overcomes the sheer fear. Her therapist Anette (Maren Kroymann) advises to rest, but this is something with which she absolutely can not serve. Instead, she soon returns to full throttle, because there is a lot that needs to be fixed. Precisely because she now tries to do everything right, to set the course again in a rush, she does everything wrong - and her friend Philipp (Christoph Letkowski) with her conclusion. This is followed by panic attacks and a little later a real depression

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