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movie info - 1970s Beijing: two school friends, both with different backgrounds and families, lose touch, only to rekindle the romance in New York City, where they must decide between a present love or a future love

genre - Romance

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Qing wo yi sheng yi shi lian. Me and my friend use to like the same guy, she ended up telling all of our other friends about him before I did, even though I had a crush on him way before she even knew him lmao, I just didn't tell anyone because I was shy ffs. My friend asked him out and he rejected her and I was really sad and shocked because she was really pretty and obviously she was my friend and I felt bad. After he rejected her I tried to forget him but I couldn't, one day he confessed that he likes me, but my other friend was sitting next to me and she started shouting things like: omg would you go out with a guy that rejected your friend what kind of friend you are and I ended up saying no to him and I still regret it till this day 😥.

I feel really lucky that my childhood best friend... Is my soulmate 😍.
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Im confused. was he mesmerized by her dancing, or was she just really bad.
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Yi sheng yi shi download. Yi sheng yi shi qi. Yi sheng yi shu. Yi sheng yi shi. Yi sheng yi ching. Yi sheng yi shi eng sub. I had a crush on somebody, Got rejected. Fell for another again and since I didn't wanna go through that pain called rejection, I just convinced myself I liked another person, But at the back of my mind it was always there, You Love Her. Eventually I confessed and she said she'd think about it... I got a bad feelin tho. Yi sheng yi shipping.

I developed a crush on my classmate who my friends believed to have a crush on me (I also thought since he was exceptionally good to me) after graduating from school when I entered medical college, I gathered all my courage to confess him. Surprisingly he said no. But we kept messaging since we were apart and that was the only way to keep in touch. And when I was busy with my studies I thought it would be better to stop messaging and I told him not to reach me anymore. After even before 1 month he messaged me like nothing happened. Now I got over my one and only crush(we are still messaging, and he called me few times too) this video reminded me the time when we were messaging. Once he asked me he would like to meet me whether I am excited or not. I was trying to avoid the question, but he asked me if its a Yes or No. lol.

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