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This better do the original Mulan justice, the most bad ass women ever- soft and feminine in such a strong way <3. I am blessed with two daughters. I will fight To a daughter with another sister sibling, I thought of my dad (who passed away) knowing he would have said the same thing given the circumstances. That for me is most onion cutting 😢.

Octopath Traveler soundtrack interview transcript. My only question is if the Xianniang in this movie will discover Mulan & declare her a sworn sister. This is part 2 of my Tressa solo run. [Part one] solo_run_with_tressa_through_ch4/ details the the grind through Tressa's story, and this part is the subsequent blitz through everyone else's (mainly just the chapter 4 bosses, since most of the rest is trivial. Screenshot gallery to come later when I can pull them off my SD card. TL;DR. TIL Runelord is OP AF. Get ElemAtk weapons for the Runelord: Enchanted Sword from Lorn Ruins.

This is gonna make Holmes & Watson seem hilarious.

Why Ophilia should be your main

Paling sebak bile mak totoi call. Serius aq nngis... I probably should have asked this months ago, but is Akihiko Yoshida back with SquareEnix or is he just doing the art for this particular game? I remember he went freelance. He's one of my all time favorite artists, so it's great to see his work here. Oh Oh Ophelia. You've been on my mind. Last tengok 2016. sekarang 2019 repeat. Aku ingat muka kau babi! AHAHAHHA.

Oh how I missed theos hottness

Idesmaids: The Sequel? I'll pass. I love Amy Poehler and the rest of the cast. But if I had to spend a weekend with my friends who are women Id, well, I wouldnt. That looks like a wet weekend curled up with a used tampon and what's left of your self-esteem.

The story is the key, and Mulan's story is so good, so powerful and it also makes sense, OMG

Sweet (or bitter? Thomas Crown Affair reboot. I saw this during the British film festival and its actually a wonderful inversion of Hamlet: think along the lines of Wicked. The ending had me clutching my pearls. Hey guys, nk bgitau tak tahu skinhead tu boleh pergi ni mengisahkan pasal skinhead dalam dunia ni pentingkan brotherhood dengan geng nk kata filem ni hamlet, shakespear, ophilia ni dari hamlet yang bermaksud si nur sajat ni ophilia, dan apa yg jadi? Yes, Ophilia ni membawa budak skin ni kearah korang b okeh tgk cerita dia ni if korang sukakan filem skinhead Malaysia, kita jangan ikut ideologi bangsa tiru perangai diorang, ini Malaysia ikut ideologi negara sendiri dh cukup apahal ! Siga saga💪.

This should be way funnier than it looks but here we are. Hi all. I imported the Octopath Traveler four-disc CD soundtrack (85 tracks) from Japan. The booklet includes an interview with the game's composer and producers, regarding the soundtrack itself. I love reading stuff like that, so I've transcribed it for you below. My wrists hurt a lot. The three participants are attributed by their initials. The titles/questions are from the (uncredited) interviewer. I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Octopath Traveler soundtrack interview Interview date: 2.

When reflection starts playing I got instant chills. Beautiful score& cinematography. My solo run with Tressa, part 2: the other 7 stories. I Cannot WAAAAAIT. I dont think models make good actors. They are to aware of how they look on camera. They seem to always want to look good and that's not the point of acting. Watak paling aq suke totoi.

Why I can't get able to stop my teardrops during the reflection music

Who will sing a new version of reflection? I can't wait for the movie and song, who else. Oi! Oi! Sega saga,sega otherhood spirit! Terbaik. 1. One of the best character themes, literally sounds like it could be from a tear-jerking Disney movie. 2. Having a healer/cleric main character is definitely super rare in many JRPGS. Permanently having a healer/support with decent attack in the party is great. but doesn't have to be permanent if unlocking the character from 1st slot after beating story is true. But, she is also ab. I dont have any friends and im lonely.






Bila part que gn pekin kena tembak,memang A.C.A.B tol la🤬🤬🤬. I really hope that daisy ridley can just continue her career without being affected by the fact that shes the girl from the star wars movies made by disney. Is anyone else watching because they dont know what to get at Redbox?lol. Loved that first scene 😍. 47:56 Que Haidar sergah Abang Jat sampai mati jatuh tangga sebab Abang Jat ada affair dengan bapak dia ke.

When you enter this boss fight with an all magic damage team and need to spam all your Light stones to beat him.
Chris Niosi was perfect as Mattias. On Twitter, he said he had lots of fun with Mattias and it definetily shows. He did okay as Therion but doesn't hold a candle to his Mattias performance. Nothing in this game does.
This guy was my childhood. Watching skins etc. Back when I was in like year 10/11, im nearly 27 now. This guy deserves everything he gets, can't give him enough praise when he's proved himself with so many different acting roles. So underrated.

I've come to tell everyone that this movie was the best almost two hours of my life. Please watch it. Ripping off clone comic book. Well looks like 2019 is going to be a craptastic year for movies, Sad when Netflix is doing a better job at making original content than HollyWood.


Leslie knope gets drunk. The same joke in two different movie trailers? wow... Ironically, I auditioned for a low budget movie in the Cincinnati public library in that Emilio Estevez movie. DID ANYONE NOTICE TOM FELTON IS PLAYING HERE AS WELL, I WOULD RECOGNIZE HIS VOICE ANYWHERE. I Love how the description says Comedy, animated family film. Lol. The only one im interested in seeing is The wind. Star wars:pre historic period.





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