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Federico Caddeo
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The journey to eventually become the king of Westeros


90% of the comments have a for you reply. Heath Ledger made Chris Bale actually punch him in this scene to make it realistic... I cant wait to see this come out, but I still don't know how to get it when it dose. is there a dvd I have to by online? is this just gonna be uploaded somewhere like on one of you guys websites and we watch it there.

Hold the door. Im 65 years old and Ive loved this song when Simon and Garfunkel sang it in 1966. But this version gave me chills! Awesome. Its a small detail, but I like that Rians official recorded voice and the puppeteers voice on set are so similar.

I wanna know whats going through wards head as he scored that touchdown

Just binge watch it without any second thought! And thank me later. When Rian sing a love song at Deet they could have mating XD i wonder to see their son Jen's face 😂. Whatever Showtime and HBO has to do in order to bolster the reputations of the likes of CNN and MSNBC, they will do- since they all want the same political outcome.

Still best actor i have ever seen

Check out The Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton, they have album together called Irony is a Dead Scene. It was during the time that Dillinger was looking for a new vocalist so they did a 4 song EP with Patton to pass the time. Its great stuff. I never knew the lead singer of faith no more did this. absolutely chilling! but so awesome. there's a part when you're fighting the darkness, the red guy and he screams bring it on in this high pitched voice that literally sounds like it came from the depths of hell. how someone can make their voice like this is beyond words! awesome video.

Came here before seeing Joker with Joaquin tonight. Just to remember what incredible performance my boy gave ☺️🃏😍. He sounds a little stuffy, like he has a cold, especially on the crashing this plane line.




The weirdest yet most intriguing trailer in a long time. I hear this man singing and I feel like shaking his hand and saying: my friend you are one of the most talented singers I have ever seen in this world! your singing is surreal... Hands down best show ever! Perfect script, acting, soundtrack. 10/10. He looks quite silly at the start with that boyish hair cut and buttoned up shirt XD love this song and video tho. Marvel is just all cgi with celebs, dont @me.


I wonder if it will show Ailes time in the Nixon White House when originally wanted to create a channel and name it GOPTV. Which I actually prefer he had done since at least a network like that would have been honest about its purpose. Tom Hardy did this role so perfectly. Funhaus belated. Watch Cinema Movies Online Free Full HD 1080p - TV Series. This is a very disturbed film, probably why I'm going to watch it. Jared Leto is a joke compared to this joker. I really don´t see any Strange Things connection, what are you talking about? By the way, it looks amazing and I can´t wait. 1:08 LOVE DIES is so creepy dude. This is just phenomenally cast. Well done Netflix and Jim Henson Company. 2:07 - 2:31 Wasn't expecting this, but I was all kinds of HAPPY when I saw it~ D. I WANT THE REAL DARKNESS BACK. JACKIEEEEEEEE :D.

#VoxAdpocalypse Their morals, their code; it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. You'll see- I'll show you. When the chips are down these, uh, civilized people? They'll eat each other. Deet singing i'm a scat man makes me lose my mind everytime omgggggg... academy award. The kermit Hrrrmph face is the perfect puppet outtake. Emilia Clarke + Nudity = my death by heart attack. Honestly sounds the same. The final version just has a little more pitch.

Deadpool/Wade Wilson, the early years


Him: I don't think of it as a job Also him: This is a cool job. I imagine he showed his teeth a lot while doing this voice. Oct 12, 2016 50+ videos Play all Mix - Thunderstep Music - They're Coming For Us (Epic Electronic Hybrid Action) YouTube Really Slow Motion - Sinking Into Flames (Epic Powerful Choral Orchestral. 70% of us only came here to see seth, nobody else.







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