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The literary scholar Mette Høeg becomes embroiled in scandal in Copenhagen after writing an article, which criticises novels by female Danish authors for excessive introspection, hypocrisy, and irrelevance. Months after the dust from the initial public scrap has settled the slow moving clouds of reprisals and exclusion gathers. Increasingly paranoid from the seemingly very real pressure of institutional punishment by her employer, the university, Mette Høeg negotiates her own place in the world and looks for new ways to live her life. This exploration initially takes her to a remote fjord in Denmark - a region where her family ran a ferry service for centuries and to a village where Mette's family is known to spawn strong-willed, independent-minded characters. During a tough winter Mette moves into her recently deceased grandmother's house, built by her great-grandfather as a part of her family's sprawling farmstead. Though desperate and gloomy she spots glimmers of hope and visions of an alternative future outside academia via discussions with her husband, while he is filming. Mexico becomes the focus of their mutual dreams of escape -a vision of a hugely different culture, which by virtue of its openness and intensity offers a release for both husband and wife. Returning to the university from the countryside Mette is confronted by a punishing institutional reality. Refusing to be victimised and incapacitated, she takes control of the situation through radical actions; Thomas Altheimer; runtime - 72Minutes

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