Mathieu Turi / Release year: 2017 / Juliette, a lone survivor of an apocalyptic era, fights to survive against hunger, thirst, a broken leg and strange, disturbing creatures that only come out at nighttime / Mathieu Turi / audience Score: 1950 vote

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Hostile is an indie film the story of which is pretty random and ordinary. What is interesting is that the film is like a coin, it has two sides. The romance side of the story and the horror side of the story are pretty ordinary when they are evaluated independently, we have seen these scenarios millions of times, but what makes this film unique is how these two different genres are brought together through the two lead characters. The film turns out to be an endavour that could satisfy the lovers of both genres.
Alas, although the idea of combining two opposite genres is well executed, the film cannot get too far from being ordinary, the script could have a little more action in it.
I'd give it a 6, but this genre thing. It got me.

Android (n... Impuritan (n... Incursion (n... 1520s, from fiend. ish. Related: Fiendishly; fiendishness. Old English had feondlic "hostile... Inimical (adj... 1530s, a hostile coinage of the Reformation, from pope. ery. Droid (n... "unfriendly opponent, enemy" originally especially of Satan as the enemy of mankind) mid-14c., aduersere, from Anglo-French adverser (13c. Old French adversarie (12c., Modern French adversaire) hostile opponent, enemy, or directly from Latin adversarius "an opponent, rival, enemy, noun use of adjective meaning "opposite, hostile, contrary, literally "turned toward one, from adversus "turned against, turned toward, fronting, facing, figuratively "hostile, adverse, unfavorable, past participle of advertere "to turn toward, from ad "to" see ad. vertere "to turn, turn back, be turned; convert, transform, translate; be changed" see versus. The Latin word is glossed in Old English by wiðerbroca.

Enmity (n...


"automaton resembling a human being in form and movement, 1837, in early use often in reference to automated chess players, from Modern Latin androides (itself attested as a Latin word in English from 1727) from Greek andro- man" from PIE root *ner- 2) man. eides "form, shape" see -oid. Greek androdes meant "like a man, manly; compare also Greek andrias "image of a man, statue." Listed as "rare" in OED 1st edition (1879) popularized from c. 1950 by science fiction writers.

Just seen this masterpiece, it's incredible writing & directing. The Plot reveals the struggles of Jack & Juliet. Portrayed superby by Gregory & Brittany, who keeping us intrigued to the heart wrenching end.
1640s, from Late Latin inimicalis "hostile, from Latin inimicus "unfriendly; an enemy" see enemy. Inimical expresses both feeling and action, generally in private affairs. Hostile also expresses both feeling and action, but applies especially to public affairs: where it applies to private matters, it expresses either strong or conspicuous action or feeling, or both, or all. [Century Dictionary, 1902.
Fiendish (adj...





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