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Looks absolutely shit! I thought it was the actual story about Adam and Eve. It really sucks i mostly talk with adults though i have a good friend whos 21 and my best friend is 20 and a really close friend (who most likely has aspergers too) is 17 though i feel that were similar enough to be close friends (btw theyre all girls while im a boy i find it kinda strange but i simply dont trust men. They should do a bit on Hillary Clintons friend and Mentor Robert Byrd if they are going to bother naming someone david duke in here. Sooo,this is the sequel of the life of Tom. then he change his name into JOHN... I SEE BATMAN AND LOIS LANE. Zoey is such a beautiful lady. Make Splitting Adam 2.

Hey Roosterteeth, how much longer do we have to wait to get to Volume 6

Look trash. Oh My God It Is Finally HERE! I've long waited for this! 0. I was a sceptic about this reboot but it totally won me over.


Dad bod Bale. 2:06 - that dog is the most patient one I have ever seen, and most trained. Oh this looks dope. ❤️ you Christian Bale. I dont know how to feel about tbis. at times i was like well this sucks and at others i was like oh wow. Is there a Chinese mandarin sound inside. incredible. Dang it. more, we need more. Is that u ainz.


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