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# Revisiting the "Last City in South America" Theory Some good conversation from last week on [a separate post] last_city_location/ was brought up but there still seems to be some confusion on this topic, so I decided to do a deep-dive of both Destiny's lore and the in-game evidence against real life comparisons to see where all of the evidence seems to be leading. Here are some of the other Reddit posts I used to get myself acquainted. Structurally it is the same story as Event Horizon. If you just look at the major plot points, it's basically the same movie. An entire ships occupants die in a brutal event and the ship disappears. Elite group goes to salvage/retrieve the derelict ship that has suddenly reappeared after many years. While searching the ship, the group's primary vessel is destroyed by the entity that haunts the ship. The rest of the members are slowly picked off as the group unravels the mystery of wh.


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