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Current "reform" efforts are really just another way to privatize public education. Legislatures, testing companies, and ideologues are working as hard as they can to convince the public that our public schools are failing when in truth, what's failing is the public itself. Those same legislators have failed to reduce America's huge numbers of children living in poverty. Low test scores are directly associated with high our national averages on international tests are only low because we have such high numbers living in poverty. nearly 1/4 of our children.
In addition, the obsessive misuse and overuse of testing is starving our public schools of the joy of learning. Testing has become the poverty program which only results in more proof that poverty is the largest issue facing our public schools.
Rise Above the Mark reminds us that public education is a public should be supported by the public for the good of the nation, the community and the individual. Instead of taking money away from public schools and giving it to private entities running charter schools and private schools through vouchers, we ought to be investing in the millions of children who attend public schools. Instead of closing public schools we ought to be supporting them.
Rise Above the Mark needs to be seen by every citizen interested in saving America's public school system.

Loading. Rise Above the Mark is a documentary narrated by Peter Coyote that brings to light the heartbreaking realities of public education. It's the story of what happens when politics enters the.




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