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Project syndicate soros.


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I so want this. People are still commenting every hour, and this is two years after it was released. I had a dream after watching this trailer where some people were trying to change the history of WWII. Am I the only one who noticed that when Sam pulled out his gun the tf2 ubercharge sound played.

Who would win: a youtube channel which has the best editing skills and great acting Or One toy-based youtube channel, which has tons of curse words just to make it funnier.


Never found black women attractive before, but seeing Mel B's impersonaton of Adele was just epic. Holy shit, it's Kathy Bates.


Just stamp Nolan's name on it. It's like a license to print money. Official website. So. Its a techno organic virus zombie apocolypse thats also a battle royale game? Kay.


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