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Now she is screaming after being told to sit down for more than 5times. [Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four. Part Five-A. Part Five-B. Part Five-C. Part Five-D. Part Six. Part Seven. I was not sure what I was expecting. I knew what I was hoping – that she'd remember instantly, that the sound of her name would bring it all flooding back and we'd immediately charge out and find the nameless one together. But that was not the case. I could see it had rung some bell deep inside her, yes, some memory she had not noticed in a time, but the confusion in her eyes was clear, and I realised this information would take some time to process. I wanted to tell her my name too – did she recognise me? I couldn't tell – but if the nameless one got to us before she remembered who she was and took her name again, I didn't want anyone else to know mine. Not unless she remembered it of her own accord. So I bit my lip and did not tell. “What did you call me? ” she asked. I went to reply, but then something strange happened. She flickered suddenly like static. All of a sudden she was not a woman, but a little girl, same black hair, same blue eyes, standing in the doorway. A second passed and she was the woman again, looking confused. “Do you recognise me? ” I asked, hoping. “Yes. ” She frowned, as though trying to place me. “But I don't know where from. ” That hurt, though I was used to it. I reached out and touched her shoulder. Solid. I felt relief. The flickering had worried me a minute, it seemed something a Thin would do. But no. I stepped back. “Do I know you? ” she asked. “No, ” I said. I looked at her. She was too young. Barely out of her teens. “Not yet. But you will, one day. ” She nodded. Didn't say anything. I smiled ruefully. “I must sound crazy. ” “No, I – ” She shook her head. “Come in. ” I entered the house. It was so familiar – things I hadn't seen since I was a child; mine and my sister's model aeroplanes on the special shelf we got to use, the coat-rack with the big tartan blanket hanging off it; the clunky old telly they'd had for years before it finally stopped working; they were all there. And other things too, that I didn't recognise. A bicycle that looked to be from the 1940s, a radio about the same age. I ran my hands along the walls and took it in. It smelled the same. And I loved it so. “Tea? ” she asked. I nodded. “Yes, please. ” The woman moved to the kitchen and set the kettle going. I waited politely. Charlie explored the house, which Madeline didn't seem to mind. “I'm fond of cats, ” she told me, pouring out the tea. “I know. ” She spooned sugar into one cup. Looked at me. “You don't take sugar, do you? ” she said. I shook my head. “Thanks, ” I said, and took the tea. We went into the living room and sat down. Madeline was the girl again. She gestured for me to sit anywhere, and I took the chair I usually did. This must have sparked a memory, because she looked confused for a moment. Her eyes widened. She stepped back, as though hit with something. “You – ” she started, and then she flickered, back to the woman, then again, older, hair greying at the edges. She reached for something on the shelf, a photo frame, one I recognised, from within which beamed my smiling face. My parents with my sister and I as children. Then another picture, and another, our family history charted on film, until she found her own picture several times among them and ran her fingers over it, whispering, staring. “Madeline, ” she whispered. “Madeline, yes – ” She flickered again, little girl, woman, little girl, woman. My heart raced. It was working. Slowly and clunkily, but it was working. She seemed to steady herself. There was the little girl again. She turned to me. “How's your tea? ” she asked, in a child's voice. I knew that voice. “Don't! ” “It's lovely, thanks, ” I said, “Just how I like it. ” Madeline stared at me for a while, looking back and forth between me and the pictures on the wall. “I do know you, ” she said, as if reading my mind. I turned to where she held up a picture frame. Me in the boat as a child. “In here. That is you. ” I nodded. “I saw him. But you were older, like this. I saw him try to take you and I shouted and I didn't think you'd hear me but – ” “I did, ” I said, remembering the voice. Remembering the nameless one and the reeds. “I heard you. You saved me from him. Thank you. ” “I had to. You needed me. ” Even here she had kept her promise. “I will always protect you. ” We sat, sipping tea. “I think you'd better tell me what's going on, ” she said. I explained as best I could, fumbling over the details in my excitement. I had to keep going back several times and retelling things. Charlie sat patiently in my lap. When I'd finished, Madeline said, “Well. ” “Well, ” I echoed. She patted her knees decisively and got up. “What are you doing? ” She was rifling through a desk drawer. After a minute she came up with handfuls of papers. “I've been trying to figure out a way out of here for ages. ” They landed in front of me on the floor, masses of diagrams and scribbled equations. “Physics. I studied, you know. ” “I know, ” I said, taking a piece of paper. “At Oxford. ” I examined the markings. It made no sense to me. “I don't know what any of this means. ” “Not to worry. ” “We need to find the nameless one. ” “We will, ” she said. She pointed. “Look. This place doesn't conform to our laws. The physics is all wrong. Little pockets. Little places of difference. If we could find one we could escape. ” “How do you find one? ” “Humans can't, I don't think. ” She pointed to Charlie. “But cats. Cats see things we don't. ” Charlie mrrp ed. I patted his head. “So you'll help us? ” “Yes. ” “We need to get the book. Maybe we can get everyone's names back. You have yours – might take you a while to remember, but you do – we just need to find a way to get it. ” “And we just have to go back along the river? You're sure he's following you? ” “I'm sure, ” I said. Madeline nodded. “Fine. In that case, I think there might be an exit point nearby, they seem to be near where people live. ” She turned to Charlie. “Is that how you travel? ” He mrrp ed. She nodded. “Right. So we should stick to this side. ” “Madeline, do you know – ” “My head is spinning. Absolutely spinning. Please let me focus on one thing at a time, else I won't be able to bear it. ” I held up my hands. “Okay. ” The little girl was back, then the young woman. “You. ” She trailed off, looking uncertain. “It's okay, ” I said. “He's strong, ” she said. “It'll be hard to fight him. ” “We'll just have to try. ” She chuckled. “You were always the brawn. Like a yin-yang, you and your. sister. ” The words slipped from her. She tried to hold onto the thought, but the memory had got away again. “Yes, ” I said. It was true. “She's always been more like you. ” Madeline shook her head again, cleared her thoughts. “So, do you have a plan? ” “I think I do. ” My plan was not particularly sophisticated. It went like this: Eat as much powder as we could. Wait for the nameless one. Creep up to him coated in powder. Snatch the book. Read out the names and follow Charlie. There were problems with it, I'll admit. The nameless one was strong and scary and I had no idea how to fight him if I had to, but I didn't know if anyone did and I couldn't wait any longer. I had found who I wanted to find and now we had to leave. I had to get everyone out of here. All those who'd helped me, all those who hadn't; I couldn't leave them. This place had its pretty parts but it was hard and scary, the environment changed without warning and such a treacherous beast as the nameless one stalked the land. Those who lived here lived elsewhere too, at least the Solids – and, I realised, I didn't think the Thins lived at all, except in memory – and why, they had no idea, they forgot until they slept, then forgot once more. I knew who he was, though not how he came to be, and I believed for a moment I knew his name. “He touched you already? ” Madeline asked, poring over her diagrams. “I touched him. Yeah – he did, but I touched him first. It was an accident. ” “You have your name and you touched him. That might make him vulnerable to you. But he can touch you. ” “He can, and it didn't feel good last time. But maybe it felt just as bad for him. And you have your name, now. ” “Yes, but I can't remember, I can't – ” She smacked the side of her head in frustration. “Bloody remember. ” I grabbed the photo. “You can, you did – you remember me, and W – ” I stopped myself. “You remember us. You remember Lake Windermere. ” “I remember, but like in a dream. ” “This is the dream. ” That stopped her. She looked at me for a long time. Her face shifted. She looked like she was desperately trying to remember, but the thoughts were just wisps, slipping through her fingers, when she tried to grab them. But the photo – she had caught a tendril or two. With one hand she folded her maps away, tucking them into her pocket. “How did you find me? ” she asked quietly. “I've know you forever, ” I said. I handed her the drawings. She took them and held them up next to the picture frames, next to the one of her house. Then again alongside the photos of her childhood home, the one with flowers in the front garden. “I never noticed the difference, ” she murmured, running her hands over the page. “Two. houses. ” She was the child again, wide-eyed and uncertain, forehead drawn in confusion. I ached to tell her it was all right, I was here and I would help her, but I could not give the nameless one a chance to hear my name while she still did not fully remember hers. So I held her hands, like she had done for me eighteen years before, and let her process it all. “Thank you, pet, ” she murmured, blinked, and shook her head. Back to the woman with the diagrams. She'd almost had it. I sighed and got to my feet. We ate a handful of the powder each, offered Charlie his fill, then corked the bottle and set it sailing along the river. I hoped it would reach someone. There were definitely people in this place we wouldn't be able to save this time, but, if I was correct, the people we could would pave the way for more, would build a road out of this place for all who were here. We will do our very best, I promised silently. Until then, I hoped the rest of the powder could be of use. We set out into the field. She shifted back and forth. The little girl held my hand and skipped and twirled, the woman walked silently, with purpose. I said “Can you control it? ” and she shook her head. “Not really. I can a little, hold it back. But it's like sneezing. It comes out eventually. ” “Maybe try and keep it in when he's there. If you can. It might be better if he doesn't know you can do that. ” “That makes sense. ” I untied the boat and we followed the river, walking slowly alongside her like barge-horses. Even she seemed understanding of the need for care; she floated so lightly, so quietly. Charlie led the way, sniffing the air, lithe like the tiger. It was a while, over an hour, before the prickling began on the back of my neck and our strides grew careful, tiptoeing; Charlie's fur stood on end and Madeline's eyes narrowed. And we saw him. The nameless one. Instinctively I ducked, and Madeline froze, grabbing my shoulder. He didn't see us. With sloth-like speed we tied up the boat and continued toward him. Cautiously we crept closer until we were almost directly in front of him, quiet as we could. His face – it was so hard to focus on – showed no sign of recognition, but he did look confused, peering around as though he knew something was there but did not know what. Ready? I mouthed. Ready. I grabbed the book. He reacted as soon as I touched it. He jerked the book away and reached toward me; before I could jump out the way he had touched me. Madeline jumped forward – I cried out to stop her – but she shoved him away; he stumbled, but in doing so she had touched him too, and now he could see us, oh, he could see us. He grinned. “Well, ” he said, in that hollow crackle. “You have come to offer me. ” I licked my lips. My throat felt dry. “Not – ” I started, then swallowed quickly. Get it together. “We haven't come to offer you anything. ” “Oh? ” He smiled too wide. It was like light off a mirror. “Why have you come? ” I stood as tall as I could. “I want the book. ” He laughed. “I have a thousand books. ” “I want the book. ” “It is mine. ” “Its contents aren't yours. Give me the book. ” He just laughed. A horrible sound, smug and creaking. A haunted music box. “I will not, ” he said, stroking the pages. “It is my treasures. ” “Your stolen treasures, ” I said. “Not stolen. Offered. ” “Taken. Through trickery and deceit. ” “It is all the same. ” Like the hunter who thanks his victims for their lives, fooling himself they gave them up willingly and he did not steal them. I stood my ground. “It isn't. ” He moved closer to us, that fearsome grin never leaving him. Madeline stiffened beside me. “Tell me, ” he hissed, face far too close to mine. “Tell me your name, you can stay; you are so little – you know so little. ” “I know what you are, ” I said. He swayed lightly in the breeze, just out of sync with the landscape. His voice lost its sing-song cadence. “Speak, then, ” he said, eyes never leaving mine. “I know your name. ” “Do you? ” He laughed. “Or do you know only my titles? The German doctor? That is his name, not mine. He saddled me with it in his attempt to understand. Or the common name? You speak one language, boy-who-rows, I have names in all of them. ” “And none of them are yours? ” “You would never know mine. ” It came to me at once, the realisation. I stepped closer. Charlie crouched behind me, tense, unseen; Madeline stepped in front of him. “No, I wouldn't, ” I said, not taking my eyes off his face. “Because you don't have one, do you? ” He tried to hide it, but a flicker of fear crossed his face. My heart thumped wildly. We had him. My skin tingled, I felt so tightly wound I could hardly contain myself. “I have a name, ” he said, voice faltering. I shook my head, stepped toward him so our faces were nearly touching. “No, you don't. Al. You have a code. A genetic code. Or maybe you do have a name. Maybe you're just a personification, I don't know. A creature made in response. ” “A manifestation, ” said Madeline. A manifestation. ” I kept walking, pushing him back. “You filled a void left by weakness, you became – for what, control? You took hold of a vulnerability and used it to steal from people. And that's how you live. Your sick kingdom. I don't know why you do it, I don't know how you can bear it. Built on lies. ” “Everything is code, ” he snarled. “You took people's control over their own code! You took their power, you took their names! ” My feelings had been pent-up for so long, now they were coming out. “Everything is code, yes, language is a code, and your name is your key. That's why names have power, that's why you want them. ” “A name is but a code. ” “A name is but a code, but not all codes are names. ” He realised then. I saw it on his face. He was on the back foot and I was angry. For I knew him, not as a human, but as an illness, a nefarious code that pillaged your mind like a battery drained dark. A thief. Strings had been right, a monster. He had built an illusion of memory, but it was not real; he had tricked people, stolen their understanding of themselves, lied to them and dragged them from their lives and homes and loved ones. He had reduced my independent larger-than-life grandmother to a blank stare and a drug trial, and I knew it, and I knew now it was working, whatever scientists had toiled for years and years to find was working, and we were going to escape. “They have decoded you, ” I said. “They have made a drug to keep you away. ” “And are you here to deliver it? ” he asked, voice dripping with ire. “I'm here to collect. ” Madeline lunged for him. He smacked her down with the back of his hand. Rage spiked hot in my stomach and I grabbed him, he hit me away too but Madeline was back and she was flickering, shifting back and forth between woman and girl, strong enough to fight him, small enough to slip away. He growled in frustration. I kicked him hard and he stumbled but it was not enough, he did not have the weak points of a man because he was not a man, he was a personification, a creature of hurt and loss, mirroring and stealing from his victims; I scrapped at him anyway, tight with rage, as Madeline wriggled slippery from his grip and returned again, going for the book; he punched me away and I hit the floor with a bloodied lip and heard Charlie hiss beside me. Dimly I heard Madeline's sounds of exertion, the nameless one's fury, and the ringing in my ears from where he'd hit me like he had in the theatre, this whole body echo, numb. Madeline. I lurched to my feet and went for him again, grappling at the wrist that held the book. He headbutted me and I felt blood stream from my nose. Madeline punched him right back but he did not bleed, instead flickered horribly like static, like a creature of blood and spark; he was, I realised, it made sense. He was a thief; he supped at the throat of greed, he lapped at the trough of cruelty, the twisted lord of a stolen kingdom. He raked his hands down my arm. I shouted. I grabbed his throat and squeezed until he choked and brought his hands to my face, and we fought and scrabbled; his noises became more and more inhuman, like a fox yelling, that auditory scrawl, and we pushed and pulled and spat until the back of my throat felt hot with adrenaline and I took him by the shirt-collar and yanked him forwards and he dropped the book. Time seemed to slow. I lunged forward and snatched it from the floor. In a half-second he realised but I was too quick, and I was off, book held tight to my chest, heading for the boat. I knew he would drop Madeline and I was right; he left her there and came after me, and all of a sudden a bright orange shape came barrelling out of the grass and latched itself round the nameless one's neck, hissing. Blessed Charlie. The fighter, the friend, the utter wonder. The nameless one grappled for me but couldn't reach, he squalled and flailed as I opened the book, searching, searching. Names. So many names. He may have been right there were other books but at least I had this one, and if it was a start, if we could show the trial worked – a miracle, I thought, searching for the most recent entry, incredible. He caught me, sending my thoughts all astray, not here but elsewhere; memories flitted through my head, my sixth birthday party, my first day of preschool; childhood memories, because of course they were the strongest, but he didn't have me yet, he didn't have my name and that made me strong, and Madeline was remembering and remembering; she shifted between ages ever-faster now, stronger, tenacious; I shook the ringing from my head and scrambled free and Charlie yowled and Madeline fought and I shielded the book against my stomach and he caught me once more, grabbed my hand and wrenched so hard I felt something snap and screamed in pain; the book fell to the floor and I kicked it away, the nameless one dropped me and reached for it but I threw myself forward and landed on top, my body a shield. He dragged me back; Charlie latched onto his face and hid us from view, I feinted, pretended to stumble like I'd hurt my foot; the nameless one grabbed at me but I hit back, kicked him hard in the leg, and the closer we got to the river the slipperier the surface was. Madeline held on tight, forcing him backward. I grabbed the book and backed away. Madeline shouted to me. “You have to cross it out! Or destroy the page somehow! ” Of course. The hands. Cordey's right hand, my right hand; they were our writing hands. Oh, of course it would be; I wrenched the pen from his snarling grip, tore the book back open and read the names there, no idea who most of them belonged to, just prepared to shout them out loud, but before I could Charlie meowed loudly at me and butted the air, directly ahead. There it was, a tear in the fabric of the illusion. Though it was far away down the river, back the way we came, through it I could see bars of light as if dancing in a breeze. It flickered and rippled like static, like a Thin. Was it due to our getting the book from the nameless one, or Charlie sharing his feline secrets? I didn't know, but I knew we had to get there. “I've got the book! ” I shouted, and ran for the boat, the nameless one lumbering behind. Madeline held on tight, Charlie hissing and batting his paws, and I reached the boat and threw the book inside. I undid the painter with shaking fingers, scratching myself and sending bolts of pain up my bleeding arm, but it was fine; hospital, I thought, trying to keep my breathing steady, I could always go to the hospital soon. “Get in! ” shouted Madeline. They were nearly there. In one move she bounded from the nameless one's shoulders onto the bank and jumped into the boat. I laughed inexplicably with sheer adrenaline. The nameless one lunged. I shouted “Charlie! ” He meowed urgently back to me. I jumped into the boat, pushed off from the side, keeping close enough for him to jump in. He sprung from the nameless one's face and ran ahead, looked at me, then looked back, along the river the way we'd come. I understood. He would be faster on land than with us. “Go, ” I said. He mrrp ed back at me. I shouted “Thank you! ”, which would never be enough for all he'd done for me, but was all I had. He streaked away, a stroke of paint. Madeline grabbed the oars. “You read, I'll row. ” “What? ” “You read, I'll row! ” Madeline began rowing, straight toward the flickering lights. The nameless one followed. Holding their faces in my head, hoping I would know which face to put to which name, I opened the book. “John Sullivan! ” I shouted, crossing out the name. In my head, I saw the Bard's eyes opened wide. “Silas Lee Parker! ” Eccles. I imagined him, too, hearing the shout across the water, unsure if it was in his mind or not. Then there was another, a word I could not pronounce, but tried, and I saw him in my head. Wren. Cross it out. The nameless one howled with rage and tried to scrabble from the bank. He was behind, but I knew not for how much longer. Each name faded from the paper as soon as it was crossed out, leaving only a blank page. “Jane McKendrick! ” That was Cordey. “Gerald Selkirk! ” That was Strings. I read out name after name after name. Some of them seemed familiar, others didn't. I kept going, hoping I had the names and faces right in my head, wondering if it even mattered. The nameless one pursued us, but he would not let his feet go too far down the bank. He would not enter the water, I realised; the thought filled me with relief. I kept reading. “Thaddeus Moore! ” Scarecrow. “Eloise McHale! ” The schoolgirl. “Celia Gladstone! ” Goldie. “Simon Gladstone! ” Ginger. “Nathan Crow! ” The soldier. “Jean Temitope! ” Poppet. “Amrita Gupta! ” Calāka. “Jayant Mishra! ” Robot Lego Truck. “Sandra Rhys! ” Love. “Robert York! ” The miner. Others I didn't know, didn't recognise, but I read them anyway, until I came to the last page and there she was. I looked behind me. The ripple grew closer, only a few strokes away now. The nameless one chased us, face twisted in anger, somehow even harder to focus on – I shouted – “Madeline Greger! ” Crossed it out, dropped the book to the floor. Madeline's face changed in shock. I saw her hands tremble, her whole body; I shoved myself beside her and grabbed the starboard oar and we rowed together, one, two, one, two. “I remember! ” she shouted. “You remember? ” “I don't know, I think so! ” We rowed hard. The nameless one gained and fell back over and over. He was angry, not giving up, but neither were we. I wanted to reassure her, tell her it was all going to be okay, but the truth was I didn't know that, and how could I possibly explain when I didn't have the words? If this didn't work I had no clue what I would do, it had to work, it had to work – I swallowed my fear, replaced it with love, the sort of love you know would make you do anything, and we tore through the water until we were nearly there, only a few metres away, where scraps of London flittered and flapped through the tear in this kingdom, and I spoke, told her the most important thing, twenty metres to go, but I had to say it. “You made me a promise once! ” I shouted, voice thick. “When I was nine. ” Fifteen metres. “You said you'd always protect me. ” Ten metres. “And you did. And now I'm paying you back. ” Five metres. “And if this doesn't work – ” Four metres. “I just want you to know – ” Three metres. “I love you. ” Two metres. I grabbed for both oars and my hand came over hers. Our eyes met, and her face cleared in recognition. “Otto? ” One metre. And we were through. She heaved the oar toward me. My hand cried out in pain, the muscles in my chest were screaming. Then a sudden burst of light, trails of confusing perspective fluttered wildly in my vision, the boat jerked violently in the water, and with a hard thump I fell back into the boat, panting. I was alone. On my back, legs tangled over the seat, I saw Putney Bridge at the top of my vision. I scrambled up, nearly falling over. The river stretched before me, tranquil and brick-banked. The plains were gone, replaced by buildings and trees. Birds flew overhead. No sign of the nameless one. No Madeline. I touched the seat beside me. Empty. Fear and relief tumbled through me in equal measure. I was buzzing like I'd just had an electric shock, I could feel every beat of my heart. For a moment I felt like I must have made it up, I had surely been dreaming – but no, I knew that wasn't true. I could taste blood, and my hands were shaking. Speaking of hands, and blood, my right hand was still hurt. It hung crooked and bruised. I tried carefully to flex my fingers and pain shot up my arm. I'd have to get that looked at. God bless the NHS. No boats were coming, and luckily for me I seemed to have reappeared quite close to the bank. I took oars, gingerly with my right hand, and slowly paddled starboard. “Are you all right? ” shouted a voice. A woman stood on the bank, waving at me. I flinched at first, my automatic reaction to strange voices from people on banks, but no – it was not the nameless one, it was a woman, in the physical world, with a face easy to focus on. Internally I chided myself. I hoped I wasn't going to need therapy after this. I'd have to lie about so much just to make the story believable. “Um – yeah, yeah. Thanks! ” I shouted back. She pointed to my arm. “You look like you've hurt yourself. ” I nodded as normally as I could, and replied “Yeah, uh. I dropped an oar on it. It's fine, I'll get it looked at now. ” A weak excuse, it was the first semi-credible thing I thought of, and anyway she probably wouldn't have believed the truth. “I didn't see you at first, ” she said. “Like you just appeared out of thin air! ” I nodded politely and mumbled something agreeable. She wished me well and I thanked her, and she left. I got out my phone with shaking hands. I'd probably been gone for ages. My parents were going to be furious. Still, maybe they'd calm down when – I turned on the phone. The date was the same, virtually no time had passed. I sighed in relief. Five minutes, that whole thing took. Five entire minutes. “Ridiculous, ” I murmured, then laughed, and in a moment I was laughing as though I'd just seen the funniest thing in the world. Two weeks of madness had to come out somehow, I thought, hoping nobody could see me. I must have looked a state. I was covered in blood and dirt, my hair was a mess, I still had on the jeans the scarecrow had given me. A thought occurred to me and I searched the floor for the book, but it had gone. Destroyed in the crossing or left in the other place, I wasn't sure. I hoped the others had got out. I hoped Charlie had got to Cordey. My phone dinged. Two missed calls. I frowned. Odd. From Mum? “What. ” Before I could call back the phone rang again. I answered it immediately. “Mum? ” “Dear! Oh, thank God! ” “Mum? ” That scared me. She sounded like she was crying. “Mum, what's going on? ” “She's – she's – ” My throat constricted in fear again. “She's what? ” I managed, insides fluttering. “She's lucid, ” Mum said, voice twisted with emotion. “She's – the doctors are saying it's – a miracle, it's worked, all of them – lucid – just like that – ” I nearly dropped the phone. “She's lucid? ” “She asked for you. She recognised me, and your Dad, and Granddad and Wilma – ” She took a moment – “Come now, I can't believe it – ” “I'm coming now, ” I said quickly. “Love you. ” “Love you. ” I hung up. So it was happy tears. And happy tears meant – it meant – It had worked. I forgot the pain in my hand, forgot the mess on my clothes, forgot everything except this; I took oars and clenched my teeth and turned the boat around, rowed hard along the Thames back the way I'd come, back toward Hammersmith Bridge; I hooked the flat of my wrist round the oar and dragged it that way, heaved with my whole body, I couldn't tell whether I felt more fear or relief or just plain jump-jacking energy, but it filled me until I was a tightened spring, no wants but to row, no goal but one, and looking over my shoulder I saw the ladder to which I could moor, I headed for it; I did not row to my usual place because it was further on, there was not enough time, I had to do this now, so I tied tight the painter and bolted the cubby and scaled the ladder one-handed, hauled myself clumsily over the edge of the bank and my feet hit the pavement and I ran. The dirt was beaten from my shoes with every step, I dodged and weaved between pedestrians – just a five minute walk from the river, usually, but today I went at a sprint, through the buildings, through the gardens, barely time to register the small ginger shape watching from the bushes as I burst across the road, through the gates and into the teaching hospital, where I bypassed the front desk and ignored the lift and took the stairs instead, because I was running on disbelief and I had no time to stop and wait, I couldn't if I'd wanted to. First, second, third floor, I knew the way, past the nurses and through the double doors to the clinical trial, nearly ploughing through a mass of doctors comparing charts, following their calls of “Hey! ” with a mumbled “Sorry! ”, and pausing just long enough to hear their conversations – “A miracle – ” “Just kicked in, like that – ” “Drastic improvements – ” “Lucid, every one of them – I even called that guy with the horse? He said the same thing, came when he called – ” “We've done it, haven't we, we've bloody done it. ” A food trolley rumbled past. I slowed to a jog long enough to peer into the window of each room. They were all there, every one of them. How I hadn't recognised them before I do not know, but there they were, each one awake, each one lucid, talking animatedly to their visitors as I went past – the broad-shouldered man with the stack of books his family came every day to read to him; the man with the thick grey beard; the couple whose family had insisted they room together; the man with calloused fingers who always had classical music on the radio; the veteran, medals displayed in his room; the kind-faced woman; the Oxford professor; the woman surrounded by photographs, largely of a handsome blonde man and a ginger cat; the man with the friendly boyfriend; the hippie woman with the long hair; the boy, twelve years old, the youngest here with the juvenile form of the disease, talking happily to his slack-jawed parents as he clutched a toy elephant tight to his chest; the woman surrounded by cards; the tall man who'd turned his living from coal to solar. All there. All lucid. The door at the end opened and my Dad peered out. “You're here! ” He registered what he was seeing. “What happened to you? ” “Long story, tell you later. Is she – ” “Come in. ” He pulled me through the door. Inside were my family. My grandfather and mother sat beside one another, faces streaked with tears. Happy tears. My sister was in one of the hospital chairs, talking to her. That wasn't unusual, but the woman now sat upright in the hospital bed, feet hung off the edge like she'd never had to lie down in her life – Was talking back. I stared. She was talking back. I couldn't believe it. I knew, but I couldn't believe it. Mum grabbed my hand. “She asked for you, ” Mum said. I let go and walked over. My heart beat a drum in my chest. I was slaked with incredulity. Our eyes met. She sat, upright and steady, dark grey hair tied neatly at her nape, sharp chin raised in defiance. Gone were the clouds of fog in her head; I could see from the way she looked at me, blue eyes sharp and clear, that no beasts circled the memories in her mind. The nameless one had gone and she was free. Around me I could hear it faintly; the buzzing of intercoms, the baffled whispers of the doctors, the happy cries of the families in the adjacent rooms, but I wasn't listening, because I was watching her. Her gaze landed on my arm. Her eyes watered, and she was smiling. Mine watered too. I knelt in front of her like the awestruck child, staring, unable to articulate, and she watched me, watched me with her sky-blue eyes. She grabbed my hands. “Hello, Otto, ” she whispered. I smiled. “Hello, Gran. ”.

Maybe If I do it a second time, he'll run - The Elephant. Where's the elephant gun when you need it! Hahahaha. Its like the elephant is having a little hissy fit when it kicks the plants 😂. Elephant: it's a prank bro, look at the camera behind you. The sound effects sounded like the mother in law 😂. 3:06. Still wondering when he's angry.

Ohh... i cleared my eyes twice to realise that these vehicles are not made out of cardboard. if he gets hold on can jokingly make fine slurry of a human. Leave them alone.


That was a close call. Elephants do a lot of damage in little time. 엄마코끼리 뒷따라 가는 작은 아기코끼리 넘 귀어벙💕 안아주고싶당😌. Of course we are unable to see the outcome of the last clip. Instead we're given four options for other clips to watch and have to draw our own conclusions. After seeing this, I would trust this man with my life. Seems like she wants to come and get me Right after she's just got him😂. When it comes to our babies, some of us Moms will fight to the death to keep our lil ones safe. Why do dickheads have to experience everything thru the lense of an iPhone. Just be In the moment and absorb the experience. 1) Steed of Storms - This jet black mustang was born amidst a devastating thunderstorm, the likes of which are rarely seen. The air seems charged in his presence and his mane always seems to be subtly billowing. His base land speed is 5 higher than comparable horses and he receives a +5 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks to leap. Once per week, the mustang can cast Call Lightning as a spell-like ability with a caster level of 10th. u/LookITriedHard 2) Palatial Pachyderm - Those who study elephants realize that the beasts actually track their own bloodlines and coronate their own kings. The Palatial Pachyderm is an anointed king of elephants and is possessed of a serene grace. He is the exemplar of what it means to be an elephant. His thick hide grants him DR 2. his tusks are treated as a +1 magic weapon, and intimidate checks made by trumpeting are treated as a class skill in which he has 1 rank per level. Additionally, his noble bearing grants his rider a +2 circumstance bonus on all Diplomacy and Intimidate checks. u/LookITriedHard 3) King Chameleon - This gigantic chameleon is shrouded in legend since few have ever spotted it in the dense jungles where it makes its home. It possesses supernatural camouflage abilities which allow it and its rider to turn completely invisible. A King Chameleon can expend one camouflage charge to grant the effects of Invisibility for one minute, or Greater Invisibility for one round. A King Chameleon can expend 10 charges per day. The rider becomes visible immediately upon dismounting. Additionally, a King Chameleon has a climb speed of 20 ft. and can adhere to all but the most forbidding of surfaces. u/LookITriedHard 4) Goblins carriage: a pair of skeletal goblins pull this small carriage, the driver carries an electric pick to hurry them. u/S0ultech 5) Mankiller: a black warhorse with a vicious attitude, it attacks any who approaches it. If you manage to tame it with animal handling you find it only tolerates you near it and is jealously angry when others get your attention. It is a vicious combatant but considered untamable by many. Taming it will make you a legend. Keeping it from unleashing its rage on others will be a constant struggle though. u/FirstChAoS 6) Picktooths Rat Chariot: this small rickety cart drawn by rats was owned by a goblin who lived in the city sewers and catacombs. It is little more than a chair sized for a small humanoid with wheels and reins crudely attached. However it is oddly self repairing in that new rats will show up to replace dead ones and pieces of trash will get thrown into the seat with the right shape to patch damage. u/FirstChAoS 7) The Steady Tortoise: Though too slow to be considered a mount by most this tortoise has an unerring sense of direction and never feels fatigue. It can also survive with very little food and water. u/FirstChAoS 8) Puddlejumper: a giant frog with a saddle on its back. It is large sized and can jump twice the normal distance (but the same height. u/FirstChAoS 9) GO-lem: this construct is made in a similar fashion to other golems of it's type but is constructed to allow a medium creature to mount it. Alternatively they can be constructed to pull a carriage or cart. The creature's base speed increases to 50ft. It loses its multi attack but gains a Charge attack ( 2d10 damage if the GO-Lem moves at least 20 ft. In a straight line before its attack. Once commanded to take its creator somewhere, it can do so tirelessly and without further commands if it or its creator have been to the destination before. u/Lakandalawa 10) Javaloyta: found deep in the jungle, this giant soaring reptile can fly high above the canopies and preys on beasts and humanoids alike, they can be tamed, but it's a difficult task. They have leathery wings and razor sharp serrated teeth. They're muscular and nimble, making them perfect for living in the jungle u/gaytyrant 11) Fizzmores Marvelous Saddleshield: Fizzmore was a gnomish artificer whose skill with arcane tinkering was only matched by his poor luck with animals. While traveling with his party he was thrice bucked from a horse, had all of his notes eaten by a riding ram, and once got in an embarrassing predicament regarding a giant chicken and an ochre jelly. Fed up with beasts, Fizzmore put his mind to work and managed to alter his animated shield to be a floating saddle. One day, while traveling the Kings Road, Fizzmore and his companions were ambushed and Fizzmore was knocked off of his saddleshield. Without anyone to command it, the item sped onward and continues to this day. The saddleshield might be encountered racing down a main road of the kingdom, threadbare and weatherbeaten. If a character manages to jump on it and gain control, it will follow the commands of anyone that holds its bridle. The Saddleshield has a movement speed of 75ft and ignores difficult terrain as it floats 3-5 feet off of the ground. With a command word, it can also be commanded to turn into an animated shield as a bonus action. General concept by u/General_Gears Entry by u/Lakandalawa 12) Atillix the elemental horse: each of his legs are made of a different element (earth air fire water) he can create portals to any of the elemental planes, but only him and his rider can go through them. u/General_Gears 13) Giant Crab Mount - You feed the crab a special sea weed they become docile and able to ride. Some put pillow pads to sit and straps around antennas to control them. However, the advanced riders stand on the crab and the crab moves based on location of the feet. They glow at night and do two piercing claw attacks for 2D8 damage. u/mikes3ds 14) Armadillidiidae - Slow moving roly poly great at carrying supplies. But when hit (Can even be done on purpose) it turns into a ball start rolling at high speeds hitting targets like a bowling ball. (You can't ride it when its ball form) Most like riding on it because it so smooth, and usually attach a cart behind it to carry supplies, just make sure to detach the supplies before going into battle. u/mikes3ds 15) Bookwyrm: This large sized Drake seems to be constructed of shifting pages torn from books. Once per day, it and its rider can shrink down and use a nearby book as a portal, arriving at any other copy of that book that exists on the same plane of existence. The only danger is that they must travel through the tale held on the pages of the book they travel survive. u/Lakandalawa 16) Ixion, the Divine Destrier: The offspring of a half-celestial unicorn and a half-storm elemental pegasus. Bearing both wings and horn, a strong flap of his wings can buffet his opponents with powerful gusts of wind, and his charges can produce such powerful currents of electricity that even a near miss could be fatal. Only a true hero can every lay their eyes on him, let alone ride him. u/Moon_Dew 17) Arch-gryphon of the West Winds: this Arch-gryphon has lived as the force of the West wind since the dawn of the gods. This mount can be summoned by its true name, Aurialtanus. It appears from the air itself when summoned. It can cast wind wall 3/day and has a fly speed of 120 feet. Its massive claws can lift cattle off the ground with ease and have powerful rending force. If slain, this mount will re-apparate in 1d4 weeks. Till then the west winds are quiet and without force. u/Hawes1010 18) Horos, Herald of the Stars: Horos can be summoned using a ritual costing an opal worth at least 100gp under the night sky on a clear night. It's appearance is that of points of light connected by strands of astral starlight. It's shifting form is determined by which of the great constellations is highest in the sky at the time of it's summoning. While it's current form determines which movement speeds it has (flying, swimming, climbing, burrowing) it always has a movement speed of 80ft. It also gives itself and it's rider vague glimpses of the future. Both gain advantage on initiative rolls and cannot be surprised while they are not incapacitated. The rider can also cast Augury at will, using the Stars that compose Horos body as the material component. Horos serves it's rider for 1 night and vanishes at dawn. u/Lakandalawa 19) Old Henry: An aging donkey, Old Henry has been passed from farm to farm for generations. None are aware of just how old he is, as shortly after acquiring the old donkey, whichever farm currently claims ownership begins to experience a long string of bad luck. Crops get blighted, buildings accidentally burn to the ground, grain silos rot with fungus, or wolves attack the livestock. Without fail, the farm sells of the donkey to try to pay for the repairs and the cursed work beast moves on to another unfortunate farmstead. Old Henry is more that he appears, a Demon Destrier cursed to exist in this lowly form. Surprisingly, Old Henry is extremely strong and can carry or haul 4 times as much as his strength score indicates. If an intrepid adventurer discovers the demons predicament and frees him, he will serve as their mount willingly for 1 year. Once freed of his donkey form, Henry becomes a Nightmare and can cast Plane Shift on himself and his rider as well as up to 5 other creatures once per day. u/Lakandalawa 20) Gore Horn - Deep in the arctic forests, where the alphas play their fatal games of dominance, Gore Horn is the undisputed heavyweight champion. Weighing in at two thousand pounds, and standing eight feet tall, this moose has a coat as white as the undriven snow. That is, his coat would be pure white if not for the untold volume of blood he has spilled which has stained his head and chest a deep crimson. His antlers pose a critical threat on a 19 or 20 and he may reroll 1s on Gore and Trample attempts. Additionally, Gore Horn can mark one foe at a time for destruction. Against his challenged foe, Gore Horn gets plus five to hit, and deals double damage on a charge attack. His AC is lowered by 2 vs all other foes. A would-be rider must prove his worth before Gore Horn will deign to serve as a mount. This proving can take many forms, but at a bare minimum, would consist of unflinchingly facing Gore Horn's charge. u/LookITriedHard 21) Chronoscurius - The Feywild is a land of untamed beauty and magic. One of its greatest threats is that time does not flow at one speed in the Feywild. Adventurers that have spent weeks there come back to the material plane to find only a few minutes have passed. Others travel to the Feywild for a few moments, and return years afterward. The Chronoscurius have adapted to this element of the Feywild and utilize it to escape predators. Appearing as giant squirrels with unnatural intelligence, the chronoscurius have a movement and climbing speed of 40ft. However, they can warp time around them to fit much more overland travel into one day than their speed would normally allow, achieving 3 times the distance in a single day of travel. This ability only functions in the Feywild. Also, the chronoscurius and its rider ignore the effects of “Feywild Timewarp” when traveling to other planes. u/Lakandalawa 22) Macropus - A large Kangaroo-like animal with a front facing pouch who bonds to the person the seller attatches it to. The bonded rider may ride in the Macropus' pouch. It can go over terrain that is difficult for conventional horses to traverse, and even has decent combat ability of it's own. Breeders for these creatures are rare, and their prices are astronomical, but between the comfort of travel, and all of it's other benefits, these creatures are vastly superior to horses. u/Lysdexic12345 23) Pale Horse - Most people who have ever been born have clapped eyes on this skeletal steed. However, few remain who are able to discuss the experience, as they are visible only to those whose soul has departed their mortal vessel. These undead horses roam the underworld and are employed by death himself in his collection of souls. A Pale Horse can be summoned through advanced necromantic rites. Upon the ritual's completion, an opposed will save is rolled. If the PC wins this check, the Pale Horse will serve their every command, without question. On the result of a tie, the Pale Horse immediately returns to the underworld. If the Pale Horse wins this check, it becomes hostile and attacks the summoner until the summoner is dead or the Pale Horse is destroyed. A Pale Horse has the statistics of an advanced war horse with DR 5/good and undead traits. A Pale Horse can use Dimension Door 3 times a day and Slay Living once a day. When a Pale Horse is destroyed, it discorporates and returns to the underworld. u/LookITriedHard 24) Arachnid Lord - It is the natural course of things for insects and other vermin to perish after just a few short seasons of life. But there exist some monstrous breeds which exceed the normal constraints of their kind. An Arachnid Lord hatches the size of a pin head, but will never stop growing as long as it lives. Though they hatch by the thousands, most are devoured before they have grown to the size of a shrew. By the time an Arachnid Lord reaches the size of a dog, there remain few predators willing to tangle with their razor-sharp, venomous pincers. After a century, they will be the size of a carriage. Any form of camaraderie is an alien concept to an Arachnid Lord which will prey on any creature it believes itself capable of killing, but Mwangi tribe shamans, and a select few alchemists, have mastered the art of controlling these giant spiders by means of pheromones. They have a climb speed of 40 ft. and their bite attack delivers a powerful neurotoxin which, on a failed DC 16 fortitude save, paralyzes a target and deals 1d3 Con drain every hour. u/LookITriedHard 25) Ancient Clockwork Horse - Much has been forgotten about the process of crafting constructs. What, today, passes for a Masterwork would, in times passed, merely be the product of a tinkering novice. But some masterworks of the forgotten eras yet survive. The Clockwork Horse is comprised of thousands of intricately connected parts, forged of an exotic alloy, which is since lost to Dwarven metallurgists. Its movements are powerful, lifelike, and graceful. The Clockwork Horse is incredibly swift and durable. It has a base speed of 100 ft and DR 10. It will obey only the holder of the rod of command to which it was paired with at the time of its creation. u/LookITriedHard 26) Greenwhisper Guardian: In each of the great wilds, there is a greenwhisper Guardian, a living memory to impose the will of the planet itself. While they vary in form to fit the wilds which created them (Stags are common in forests, while some report seeing whales as large as islands in the far ocean) they each have an ethereal appearance, with a body that seems to be made of swirling stars and galaxies, and a form much larger than that which is natural to the animal they represent. Highly intelligent, they are able to communicate into the minds of others, and radiate an aura with a radius of ten feet which enriches the environment matching their appearance. Once per day, a greenwhisper Guardian may curse a being found harming their wilds, turning them into a feature of the landscape (coral, tree, fungus, stalactite, sandstone, random animal, etc) if they fail a CON save. While they rarely subject themselves to being mounts, they may offer themselves to beings they see as worthy. u/TheseSpookyBones 27) Sandserpent: Sandserpents are large, colorful scaled creatures with long bodies, many sets of legs and wings, and sharp, venamous teeth, who are efficient burrowers. In the wild, sandserpents burrow beneath the desert sand and catch unsuspecting creatures above the surface in their jaws. The nomadic Giradi clan were the first to domesticate the creatures, luring out the young then holding on for dear life once the creatures emerged, knowing those that couldn't would become their next meal. One who lives among them for a time may master the craft, and claim a sandserpent as their own. While a young sandstrider is about the mass of a donkey with only four legs and two wings, adults never stop growing, and the Giradi believe a sandserpent at the center of the earth causes earthquakes whenever it shifts in its sleep. u/TheseSpookyBones 28) Cenipeedles - A popular mount for large families, Cenipeedles are long, insectile mounts with thousands of legs and a smooth body, which can have up to 10 riders at once. While they move at the same speed as a horse, they can climb vertically and upside down and are near impossible to kill through their thick armour unless turned upside down. Loyal to a fault, they're often treated as beloved family pets and given names like 'Butterscotch' or 'Spot. u/TheseSpookyBones 29) Iron Hide - The greed of mankind has wrought many terrible consequences on the natural world, but well-intentioned actions often cause just as much damage - or more. This was the case when the Iron Hides were created. The white rhino, unrivaled though it is in the animal kingdom, is brought down in droves by poachers who covet its ivory. In this, bombs and, more recently firearms, are employed to devastating affect. A sympathetic alchemist, seeking to even the playing field, began a series of experiments to augment the creatures' resistances. But before he could perfect his process, ivory farmers discovered his plot and had him assassinated. His herd, all adolescents, were set loose on the arid plains, allowed to ripen with that most precious substance. Occasionally, hunters discover the remains of a rhinoceros which appears to have been cast in hardened steel. In truth, these mutants are born of the alchemist's herd and expire from the agony of growing a metalized skeleton. The toughest of these Iron Hides proves capable of enduring the pain, but is driven berserk in the process, giving them a starting attitude of Hostile toward all other creatures. They have DR 5. Toughness and Great Fortitude as bonus feats, and deal x4 damage on critical hits made with their horns, but their bulky frame reduces their land speed to 20 ft. Those with the medicinal or magical means to soothe the pain an Iron Hide endures will be greeted with boundless gratitude and steadfast companionship from the great beasts. u/LookITriedHard 30) Vertax - Vertax was a warhorse of an ancient order of Knights, Honor Bound to defend their lord even in death. Vertax was a dependable steed who served his knight well on the battlefield, but his connection was deeper than that. He understood his place in the battle and the steeds fearlessness and loyalty to his knight saved them in many battles. When Vertaxs knight was finally slain defending a keep from marauders, Vertax broke free of his bridle to throw himself on the flames, joining his beloved rider in death. Now Vertax wanders as an ephemeral spirit near battlefields. If he sees an honorable combatant in danger, he will appear to save them and get them to safety. Both Vertax and his rider become ethereal and ignore physical attacks and obstacles that originate from the material plane (as the etherealness spell. Once a rider is chosen, Vertax will serve his rider for up to 1d4+1 days. He will abandon his rider if he sees them commit an underhanded act or act dishonorably in combat. u/Lakandalawa 31) Pinnacle Ram - The Titania mountain range is host to some of the highest peaks anywhere on the globe. Competition is fierce in such forbidding environs; the remarkably thin air, craggy peaks, and crafty mountain lions, ensure that only the most finely-honed of creatures can survive there. One creature which not only survives, but actually flourishes, is the Pinnacle Ram. Among the most sure-footed of all animals and with a remarkable ability to pull oxygen from the thin atmosphere, the Pinnacle Ram proceeds casually atop the treacherous peaks as you or I might stroll down a peaceful country lane. So at ease are they in their surroundings, that they've been known to play cat and mouse with mountain lions who pursue them in vain. Their physical perfection is reflected by a +4 to Strength, a +8 to Dexterity, and a +20 on Acrobatics checks made to leap or balance on a ledge. Additionally, they can traverse steep or rocky difficult terrain at no penalty, and they deal x2 damage on a successful charge attack. Though they're not much heavier than an adult human, their peerless musculature and circulatory systems allow them to serve as a mount, even to an armored knight, so long as the elevation is 15, 000 feet or less. Pinnacle Rams tend to be playful and adventurous - if a humanoid can prove himself by completing an obstacle course laid out by a Pinnacle Ram, the humanoid may then attempt a DC 20 Handle Animal check to earn the Ram as a companion. u/LookITriedHard 32) Hyrsamal the Windhorn: Hyrsamal is a capricious fey beast that occasional wanders the material plane for entertainment. Reveling in adventure with mortals, this large elk-like creature has hollow antlers that it can breath through to create a haunting melody. Adventurers in a forest with a strong connection to the Feywild might hear its tune echo through the trees. If they seek it out and encounter it will wait to guage their reaction. If they attack, Hyrsamal will flee to the Feywild. If they gather and listen, Hyrsamal will sing for them for 1 minute, granting all listeners a 1d8 Inspiration Die (as Bardic Inspiration) that lasts for 8 hours before disappearing into the woods. If one of the adventurers attempts to play an instrument along with Hyrsamal, they must make a contested performance check (Hyrsamal has a +9 bonus on this roll. If the adventurer succeeds, Hyrsamal will join them in their travels as their mount for 1 week. At the end of that week they must complete the challenge again in order to convince Hyrsamal to stay. Hyrsamal can grant his rider a 1d8 inspiration die as a bonus action up to 4 times per day. He also grants the adventuring party the benefits of a Song of Rest (2d6) during short rests. If the party already has a Bard granting Song of rest, it is increased by 1d6 instead. u/Lakandalawa 33) Father of the Fields - Most demigods are forged out of necessity, in a moment of dire need. This was the case a millennia ago, when the Tsubu Prefecture was hit by a terrible drought. With crops failing, and families going hungry, one village elder went into the forest, located a horned stag beetle, and brought it home to the temple. There, he christened it Father of the Fields, and instructed the villagers to feed and honor their father. With this mundane beetle as the focus of their fears, and desires, the people were able to will life back into the region and avert the crisis. In their gratitude, the Tsubans never ceased practicing these rites, and in the fullness of time, Father of the Fields has grown immense in both power and stature. This peaceful giant can be seen roaming throughout the region, often topped with a host of giddy children. He keeps the area free of dangerous monsters and ensures favorable conditions for the growing of crops. He will appear to any hungry traveler in the region and transport them to the nearest food source. Since his power wanes the further he wanders from his grand shrine, he will not leave unless there is an existential threat to the entire region requiring his intervention. Father of the Fields is a huge creature with DR 10/evil and piercing, SR 22, and can make a free sunder or disarm attempt (as per Greater Sunder or Disarm) on attacks made with his horn. Additionally, so long as he is in Tsubu Prefecture he can cast Entangle at Will, Plant Growth 5/day, Wall of Thorns 3/day, Control Weather 1/day, and has Fast Healing 5. u/LookITriedHard 34) Professor Pritchard's Peerless Perambulator - Professor Pritchard was the kind of man who comes around maybe once a millenia. His towering intellect was world-renowned, but perhaps his most impressive feat was that of shattering the lofty standards required before one finds oneself committed to a gnomish insane asylum. Pritchard's inventions have been outlawed in virtually every country in which they have come to the attention of the authorities. And, in a cruel twist of fate, the man himself would have benefited from such a ban, as he would ultimately meet his demise at the hands of one of his own volatile creations. A flute which was supposed to conjure custard from the dessert plane when blown, instead turned the poor man inside out. He existed in such state for a few short moments - during which he jotted down one full, bloody page of notes, detailing his uncomfortable experience - and then perished. An uneasy peace was struck between the Ranks of Erudites Protesting Excessively Alliterative Language, and the Articifers Against Arcane Abominations, and a joint task force was established with the express purpose of tracking down and destroying each of Pritchard's creations. But Pritchard was nothing, if not prolific, so this task could prove to be the work of generations. The Perambulator is an indecipherable jumble of metal bits, which hisses and clangs at irregular intervals, and atop which sits a modest, but comfortable, armchair. The Perambulator has hardness 10 and 100 HP. Each round roll a d100 and round to the nearest 5 to determine the Perambulators move speed. It can sail and fly with poor maneuverability. Twenty levers protrude from the chassis at odd angles. The Rider may pull a lever once per turn as a swift action. A rider with 15 ranks in Arcana, Spellcraft, or UMD may roll twice and take the more desirable result. Foes who so choose can yank a lever by making a CMB check vs the rider. The armchair ejects 100 ft into the air. There is a 25% chance a parachute deploys The Perambulator lurches dangerously, provoking attacks of opportunity and ending your turn 3)  Biting insects appear and deal 1d6 piercing. The distracting bites incur a 50% arcane spell failure penalty until healed 4) The rider sprouts a bright pink beard which then ignites causing 1d6 fire/round until a full round is taken to extinguish the flames 5) A bird is conjured and steals something of importance from the rider or an ally 6) There is a terrible screaming audible only in your head. DC 21 Will or shaken for 1 minute 7) The Perambulator belches a thick cloud of black soot into your face, blinding you until you take a full round action to scrub it away 8) This lever deals 1d4 electricity damage when pulled 9) Randomize the positions of all units within 30 feet 10) Summons 1d6 of hostile Owlbears which persist for 5 rounds 11) Summons 1d6 of friendly Owlbears which persist for 5 rounds 12) A rain of fish deals 1d6 bludgeoning and 1d6 cold damage to foes within 30 ft. A DC 16 Reflex negates 13) 2d4 illusory Perambulators appear, acting as mirror image 14) A stream of assorted nuts, bolts, and other widgets is sprayed at foes in a 30 ft cone. Deals 5d6+5 bludgeoning, DC 16 Reflex for half. Were those important? 15) A anvil falls from the sky, striking a foe at random, dealing 10d10 damage. DC 21 Reflex negates 16) A cow plow deploys. For the next round the Perambulator gains a ramming attack: 21 to hit  dealing 3d6 bludgeoning, and +21 to knock prone. Can ram foes until you run out of movement or hit a foe but fail to knock them prone, which stops your movement. 17) You found the seat warmer! Gain 1d20 temporary hp, cold resistance 10, and +20 morale bonus on the next attack roll or skill check 18) The Perambulator winks out of existence and back at a location of your choosing, within 1, 000 feet 19) A image of Professor Pritchard appears in the sky, muttering crazily in Gnomish. Anyone within 60 ft failing a DC 26 Will save is stunned for 1 round. The Perambulator's rider is shielded from this. 20) A powerful jet of otherworldly custard sprays in an 100 ft' line toward the strongest foe in range. This deals 10d8+20 piercing damage and knocks enemies prone. There is a DC 26 Reflex save to halve damage and negate the trip. The custard tastes of banana and is the best you've ever had. On consecutive results of 1 on the d100 check to determine speed, the Perambulator explodes in a massive fireball. This explosion deals 20d6 bludgeoning and 20d6 fire damage to all creatures within a 60 foot radius and permanently destroys the machine. There is a DC 30 Reflex save for half damage. u/LookITriedHard 35) Dire Grimalkyn - This large-sized variant of the comparatively more common magical cat has the ability to shape shift into any other large sized beast or inanimate object. Possessed of an unnatural intelligence, these creatures rarely bond with a humanoid, but when they do they are fiercely loyal. They rarely take on their true form unless they are forced to flee, but whatever form they take usually inevitably display feline characteristics (a horse that chases mice, a tree that shakes water out of its leaves when it rains, a wardrobe that sneezes. They have a movement speed of 40ft in any shapeshifted form. Depending on the type of creature they are shifted into, they might have a flying, swimming, climbing, or burrowing speed. If they take on their true form their speed becomes 80ft, but will only do so to avoid death, even denying their rider if asked in any other situation. A Dire Grimalkyn can also grant its rider the ability to cast Alter Self once per day and the Dire Grimalkyn maintains concentration on this spell instead of the rider. The rider must be within 60ft of the Grimalkyn at the time of casting, but can leave that range once cast. u/Lakandalawa 36) Doctor Covington's Liquid Steed - Doctor Covington was a woman with a revolutionary vision for the future: every household lined with dozens of shiny canisters housing a wide array of necessities reduced to liquid form. She performed a series of experiments on various Oozes which yielded incredible results - their unique composition made them suitable for a multitude of applications. Need a furnace? A new shed? An egg-beater? You'd need only to select the proper tin from Doctor Covington's ever-expanding line of products, tug the easy-pull tab, and your desired object would manifest. But the woman could see only the utopian future she strived to build, and was blind to many things which were obvious to most. Namely, she didn't recognize the dangerous implications of upsetting the status quo. It is widely accepted that, when they caught wind of the fact that Doctor Covington was developing her Liquid Steed, Big Horse sent a team of fixers to raze her manor to the ground. Returning home from visiting a colleague, Covington discovered her estate ablaze. Brazenly, she dashed into the flames in hopes of saving her research, but perished in the flames. Her bold vision of the future turned to ash along side her. It takes one minute for Doctor Covington's Liquid Steed to take form once its canister is unsealed. It is a large creature of the ooze subtype, with a speed of 40 ft, vulnerability to fire, and immunity to electricity, piercing, and slashing damage. Instead of sitting atop the horse, the rider may allow everything but their head to be engulfed. This means attacks aimed at the rider have a 90% chance of hitting the Liquid Steed instead. When the Liquid Steed is destroyed, samples can be gathered and reconstituted with a DC 25 Alchemy check. The Liquid Steed cannot be salvaged if the fatal blow is dealt by fire damage. u/LookITriedHard 37) Shambling Throne - Wherever dense patches of vegetation can be found, there is it possible to forge a Shambling Throne. A druid or divine spellcaster with the plant subdomain who is 10th level or higher can spend one week communing with nature. During this time, they must be alone except for any animal companion or familiar they are bound to. At the end of the week the character must succeed on a DC 18 Wisdom check to win nature's favor. A multitude of native plant species clump together to form the Shambling Throne. As the Shambling Throne traverses from one biome to another, unsuitable plants will lay down roots where they can still thrive, to be replaced by local plants. You must succeed on a DC 23 Wisdom check in order to drive a Shambling Throne into a locale where no vegetation grows. Should you commit a crime against nature, the Shambling Throne will immediately disassemble, returning to a state of mundane vegetation. A Shambling Throne is a large creature of the plant subtype. It has 150 hp, a move speed and a climb speed of 5 ft, is not impeded by difficult terrain, and can carry up to 1, 200 pounds. It is vulnerable to fire and slashing damage. It has blindsight, can cast Entangle at will, and Thorny Entanglement 5 times a day. It gets a free grab attempt whenever a foe gets within 5 ft. The grab has a +21 to hit and deals 2d6+6 damage every round until the creature escapes. Each day The Shambling Throne yields a crop of restorative herbs and berries: 50 Goodberrys, 16 Cure Light Wounds, 12 Cure Moderate Wounds, 8 Cure Serious Wounds, 4 Cure Critical Wounds, 4 Remove Poison, 4 Lesser Restoration, 1 Restoration, and once a week it grows a bitter pod with the effects of Greater Restoration. u/LookITriedHard 38) Geode of Ages - To the untrained eye, this hunk of stone appears to be nothing more than a huge erratic boulder. However, a DC 30 Arcana or Nature check reveals it to be an incredibly old being of living rock. These beings are native to The First World, but a certain few have slipped onto our material plane either by eldritch dabbling or divine oversight. They have a land and burrow speed of 20 ft, and tremorsense of 500 ft. They can comprehend and speak Terran but only with a creature standing on the ground within the range of their tremorsense. They are Huge creatures with AC 26, Touch AC 6, 8 hardness and 450 hp. They have a cavity 15 feet across lined with glittery quartz to which they can admit up 8 willing medium creatures or 2 large creatures. They can make a slam attack at +20 to deal 2d6+5 bludgeoning damage. Additionally, they have the Swallow Whole ability with a +24 to maintain a grapple. Their primary role in life is as custodians of the mineral world. Dwarves and other mining races, whisper fearfully of entire operations which have been invaded suddenly and obliterated by living geodes. u/LookITriedHard.

The Raging Elephant Watch Stream. Watch The Raging Online Independent Watch"The"Raging"Elephant"Online"HDQ"full. I wonder what those guys standing in the road want. Aint they angering it more with their stupid antics. Watch Online Full Free. Then see The Raging Elephant, On the website The Raging Elephant. But they fell into the waterfall, too. Khao Yai National Park director Kanchit Srinoppawan told the New York Times. The 1, 300-mile square park is located in central Thailand and is home to about 170 wild elephants. The dead elephants were discovered near a waterfall called Haew Narok, or Hell's Abyss. (MORE: Tuna Being Plucked From Oceans at Unsustainable Rates, Researchers Say) Park rangers were called to the scene after other distraught elephants began trumpeting in alarm early Saturday morning. From tracks at the scene and knowledge of typical elephant behavior, park officials deduced that the adults were trying to help the calf, and each other, when they got caught up in the raging waters and were swept over the waterfall, the Times reported. of rain a year, mostly between mid-May and October, according to the park's website. The two surviving elephants were moved by park rangers to a safer location, according to the BBC. Edwin Wiek, the founder of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, told the network that survival without the rest of their herd could be difficult because elephants rely on each other for protection and finding food. They are also known to be emotional animals who show signs of grief. "It's like losing half your family. Wiek said. "There's nothing you can do, it's nature unfortunately. The Weather Companys primary journalistic mission is to report on breaking weather news, the environment and the importance of science to our lives. This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM. The Weather Companys primary journalistic mission is to report on breaking weather news, the environment and the importance of science to our lives. This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM.

Don't jeeps have a reverse gear. One time i did same thing with the daeshkund of my sister. Recording is stealing their own memories. What a magnificent creature, so beautiful tusks and all. How the hell do I get off this beast? 😳. The elephant be like: stop filming. That woman is so rude and selfish. She has been told to stay in her seat several times yet continues to disregard his request and EVERYONE else there who are following rules and also wanting to take pictures. Seeing things like this, we ALL should examine our own behavior and how we act. The love of SELF is not a positive attribute, regardless of what society has trained us to believe.

Learn more More Like This Horror 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6. 4 / 10 X The film is about the backstage life of an ordinary Moscow bar, where the relationship between the owner, the "roof" and the workers is very similar to family. However, unlike the family of. See full summary  » Director: Svetlana Baskova Stars: Mariya Boltneva, Vladimir Epifantsev, Aleksandr Maslaev Certificate: 16+ Crime, Drama 7. 3 / 10 A drama from the life of the prisoners in a regular jail in Soviet Union. Igor Gostev Andrey Tashkov, Anton Androsov, Aleksandr Mokhov 6. 6 / 10 The film is about a clash between soviet-bred workers and wild realities of Russian capitalism. The plot is based on a real story of today's crisis when production owners sort out their. See full summary  » Sergey Pakhomov, Viktor Sergachyov Romance 4. 4 / 10 A mad farmer falls in love with his pig and has mutant piglets with it. When the "piglets" prefer their mother over him, he hangs them all and the sow kills herself. Thierry Zéno Dominique Garny Comedy 6 / 10 Dr. Eugene has a goal - to perform the operation of his life. To do this, he escapes from a certain research institute of the brain and begins to look for the only person suitable for this purpose. 6. 2 / 10 (1959) Horst Frank, Michel Simon, Paul Dahlke. A must-see film! A serum that keeps severed portions of the human body alive is used by a mand doctor on its own inventors decapitated head. See full summary  » Denis Geymur, Danila Konstantinov, Leonid Mashinskiy Certificate: 18+ Thriller 7. 1 / 10 A young woman is taken hostage by a police officer gone mad. Aleksey Balabanov Agniya Kuznetsova, Aleksey Poluyan, Leonid Gromov 8 / 10 An ex-soldier with a personal honor code enters the family crime business in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sergey Bodrov, Viktor Sukhorukov, Svetlana Pismichenko Documentary 6. 3 / 10 A graphic docu-drama detailing the hopeless lives of several young people addicted to heroin. Lucifer Valentine Certificate: 14+ Action 7. 8 / 10 Arriving in Moscow, Danila discovers Konstantin dead and he sets out to avenge his death; a journey that leads him to Chicago and a whole new experience. Sergey Makovetskiy 8. 6 / 10 Three stories about Shurik - a young student. He fights against criminals, falls in love, confuses apartments, passes exams - he lives after all. Leonid Gaidai Aleksandr Demyanenko, Mikhail Pugovkin, Aleksei Smirnov Sci-Fi 6. 8 / 10 A chronicle of the rise of the advertising industry in Post-Soviet Russia. Victor Ginzburg Mikhail Efremov, Andrey Fomin Edit Storyline Two Russian prisoners are abused mentally and physically. Plot Summary Plot Synopsis Details Release Date: 1999 (Russia) See more  » Also Known As: The Green Elephant Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  ».

Oh pamasami I will work 711 if stop dis please😂. Well maybe stop treating them like a circus ride... Love how the second elephant's all like c'mon man ain't worth it and the third's like charge charge motherfuckers. Epic display of power. Wait a minute. I saw the same clip of the 2 hippos running away in a different video of a hippo harassing an alligator. Neither video was continuous. Frustrating.

Yes yes yeess that will teach you! lol.



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