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Set in the secretive world of intelligence, PINE GAP exposes the stress inflicted on nations and individuals when ultimate loyalty is under threat, and true motives endanger the famously strong American/Australian joint military alliance through conflicting interests, personal ideals. and one tragic mistake.


Set in the hidden world of intelligence, Pine Gap exposes the cost of secrecy and the stress inflicted on nations and individuals when our ultimate loyalty is to our country and not to our partner. The article, titled. PINE GAP BASE: WORLD CONTEXT' was written by Lucien Cometta and later translated into English by Dr. John Gille Source "In order to understand the case of the Pine Gap US base (near Alice Springs, Australia) better, I feel compelled to give some explanations beforehand.

Pine Gap, built 50 years ago 20km from Alice Springs, is a joint Australian-U.S. base that monitors communications on four continents and provides targeting for air and drone strikes. Pine Gap strengthens the relationship between South Australia and the massive Netflix audience projecting our State around the world. SAFC is also so pleased to have Screentime stay on in South Australia transitioning from post-production on Wolf Creek Series 2 into Pine Gap pre-production and shoot... The secrets of Pine Gap in the remote Australian outback.

5 Most Secretive Military Bases in the World [Infographic. David Rosenberg, a 23-year veteran of the NSA who worked inside Pine Gap as a team leader for more than a decade, acknowledged that the base was used to "geolocate particular electronic. Revealed: the room inside Pine Gap no Australian could enter, bar one. "Despite these dramatic changes, in many countries around the world, the public remains in the dark regarding state. Wikileaks Disclosure About Ultra Secret NSA Military Base at. Set in the intensely secretive world of intelligence and the enigmatic US/Australia joint defence facility in central Australia, the spy-thriller PINE GAP delves into the famously strong alliance.




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