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Writed by: Stefano Cravero / Genres: Documentary / Cotacachi, Ecuador. A small colony of elderly American expats retires here to escape the effects of the global economic crisis. The tale of their lives and relationships provides the portrait of an exiled micro-community, a community hurt and traumatized, by the betrayal of the American Dream. They're looking for security, prosperity, well-being and - above all - new meanings for their own existence / Directed by: Stefano Cravero

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Country for Old Men


I think chigurn wasn't there, in fact, i think the sheriff was so scared to meet him, that he imagined that, he was behind the door.
Está película tiene ese tipo de asesino frío,loco y sin ningúna posibilidad de escapar de el,su actuación,un hombre feo,alto con mirada de pocos amigos,todo nos lleva a la conclusión que va a acabar muy mal el que se le atraviese en su camino.
It really does seem like he has some sort of autism. His social skills are lacking, he's very straight-forward (while being mysterious enough to keep distanced) but I'm not saying he was written to be autistic. Just some parallels I think of. Honestly one of the greatest villains in cinema.


Perhaps the best scene in the film

Meh, it was a cool shootout... you actually do more harm than good by trying to put it on a pedestal. Now you open it up for critique...
Got me thinking about the backgrounds of the main characters. Sheriff from a stable background/tradition of relatives in law enforcement and is sorely disturbed how society has changed. Llewelyn seems to be working class as a welder, relatively stable but conditioned by Vietnam War. We see him hunting animals then being hunted again by Anton. So what could possibly be his background? From my experience in working with abused children and studying backgrounds of serial killers, I wonder if Anton had been severely abused as a child. Too many children I brought to hospital for treatment that revealed fractures to arms and legs yet experienced no pain. Most of the serial killers I studied had documented horrific abuse in their background. The most chilling book I have ever read is an account of one who explained what his thoughts were during a fiver year rampage of torture and murder, Robert Carr:5 Years of Rape and Murder. All of us are the product of our conditioning since childhood by parents, friends, teachers and others. Does the self even exist.

ANYTIME MONEY LOL ATM. Directed by Ethan Coen, Joel Coen. With Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson. Violence and mayhem ensue after a hunter stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong and more than two million dollars in cash near the Rio Grande, No Country for Old Men became the biggest box-office hit for the Coens to date, until it was surpassed by True Grit in 2010. No Country for Old Men is the third-lowest-grossing Oscar winner, only surpassing Crash (2005) and The Hurt Locker (2009. The final balance sheet was a 74 million gross" domestically. No Country for Old Men (2007. No Country for Old Men (film. No Country For Old Men Coin Toss HD.

I like this movie to 2001: A Space Odyssey as far as it's purposefully open ended amiguity. I think the Coen Brothers wanted people to puzzle over the ending, with everyone offering their own interpretation. Mission accomplished on that count. It is a great movie without a doubt, but really I wanted resolution. The fantastic duel of wits between Moss and Chigurh kept me on the edge of my seat. (Spoiler alert. Then to my great dismay Moss is casually tossed aside. So then I thought maybe it'll turn into a showdown between Chigurh and the sheriff. So like everyone else here's my interpretation (I haven't watched this explanatory video yet. First I'd like to say one thing though. Have you heard of the expression the cutting room floor? Nothing makes it into a movie unless it matters. With that in mind, recall Sheriff Bell's cafe conversation with Moss's wife, when he makes the point that Nothing Is Certain. Which leads me to this: I think random happenstance is the one thing greater than the otherwise unstoppable Chigurh. You don't see it coming, and you can't bargain with it. The car accident shows that. And I think we are left to conclude that in the end, random happenstance will finish the job, finally putting an end to Chigurh.

Do you wanna leave a msg? Yes! BOOOOM* DAMN! What a msg O.O. Bloody great film... these scene is funny...




Country for old men pdf.

Did anybody else notice their was no music or anything the whole movie

This movie was damn good. That wrapper coming undone makes me uneasy. Country for old men scofield. When you read the book, you know more about the bad guy Shigur(sp. The Sheriff says he had two dreams. The first dream his father was young and gave him some money which he thinks he lost. I take this to mean his father gave him something of value when he was young and he lost be rules or advice, etc. The second dream he is riding his horse through a snow covered mountain pass, its cold and dark when his father passes him without saying a word to him carrying fire in a horn. He says he is somewhere ahead of him building a fire and waiting for him. I take this to mean he believes his father is upset with him and he will have to face his wrath. In conclusion I believe the Sheriff was aware of his surroundings and decisions which he hopes will be forgiven.

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Terrific commentary. Thanks! But I could have happily done without all the Ennio Morricone flute riffs...

That is the worst explanation. WoW! The impotent Mr. Pitt show me what does it MAN ! Mr. Pitt. I,am a White man.I,am European. My son is white. And the future, is MY. Country for old men book.

Country for Old men and women

Also this movie slightly felt like Citizen Kane. Fookin' love this movie. The shotgun nd suppressor sent tht man flying. Country for old men. Country for old men hd. Country for old men movie trailer. Never seen this badge.




Would have been a good twist if they became friends and teamed up

Country for Old men and women. Anton despises small talk and instantly becomes hostile when someone asks about where he's from. Cinematography of this film is best ever. Country for old men actor. Step out of the car please sir. 2 'problems' I noticed. or are they 'bloopers. 1. when Anton enters the motor-inn, room138) and kills the 3 Mexicans... the 2nd guy (w/the MAC10) gets shot twice by 's killed as he falls shooting into the bathroom ceiling, the close-up on him shows, he's CLEARLY 'eyes open' when Chigurh is taking his bloodied socks off, the guy is breathing and blinking, and even looks around a bit. was this missed by the Coens? it's pretty dang obvious. 2. When Llewelyn is looking thru the money for the transponder, the stack on top, on the right side says 10,000 just like all the others, yet clearly has MANY 10 (ten) dollar bills under the 100's. We know the 'false stack' of 1's are cut to securely hide the why so many tens in that other stack? it just seems WEIRD. ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THESE 2 'oddities. the Coens make PERFECT FILMS. these are VERY minor, even insignificant moments, but if I noticed them, the Coens MUST have. were they purposeful.

Country for old men online. Country for old men scofield youtube music.


What every person needs when a wrecker driver tryed to steal yur vehical the old air tank gun hahaha. No uniform. Drive. This is the Texas version of the Godfather's opening speech I believe in America. Country for old men. Country for old men author. Stepabadada car sir Anton. Country for old men wikipedia. Nooses. When he puts his feet up on the bed to avoid the pool of blood, without breaking his conversation, that got me. He is so coolly evil and calculated. So unnerving as a character, and it is great. No music in the background. Nice and quiet. Scary. Country for old kentucky. Country for old men hd. This helped, thanks. OMG its lord farquad.


Country for Old Men. The whole thing was his dream. Hnng it's such a good movie read the book too. Country for Old.






Box Office Movie Download : No Country for Old Men - SlideShare. One of the best direct scenes of all time, i can t believe they did it so perfectly. It amazes me every time i see it! 👍🏻. No Country For Old Men Crack Full Download Serial. No Country for Old Men (film. 1 ] Download Help Your query for No Country Old Men will. Direct Link HTML Link Forum Link Popular Downloads Rapidform Xor3 Aiseesoft 3. The Last Seduction and, more recently, Hell or High Water. Zorro, zorro reborn No Comments » download movies RSS Subscription Follow BMN. Bad Movie News and Reviews - Bad Movie News and Reviews. No Country For Old Men - Official Site - Miramax. No Country Old Men (5 Downloads. Let me ask you something: if the rule you followed, brought you to this, of what use was the rule.

2:50 the director has the lightning and tension in this scene down to perfection. Love how the weapon is highlighted. Watch No Country For Old Men, Prime Video.


Download No Country For Old Men (2007) movie. How about the Joker from the 'Dark knight. He may have got caught but he destroyed half a city, killed Rachel Dawes, turned Harvey Dent into a sadistic killer, turned Batman into a outlaw & destroyed him mentally. The greatest movie I have ever seen. When I saw this in the theater, the entire audience simultaneously gasped when Javier turned the lights out in the hallway. I've never been on the edge of my seat more when watching a movie. Acclaimed filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen deliver their most gripping and ambitious film yet in this sizzling and supercharged action-thriller. When a man.


F.e. The Devils Advocate, Arlington Road and many deserves more to be in the list, than #3, or #4, etc. The irony is that Carson once warned Llewelyn that Anton was likely to kill him just because he inconvenienced him, then Anton shoots Carson dead because it would be more convenient than figuring out who should answer the phone.



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