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Ethan Lader; tomatometers: 7,8 of 10; release year: 2012; review: Wonder girls have arrived, and they are taking New York city by storm! The girls arrive in New York city to prepare for their U.S. tour but because of their fun, mischievous personalities they enter themselves into the Apollo Amateur Competition under the stage name, "The Asian Invasion". Their amazing performance wins them a spot in the finals but also stirs up trouble with the reigning champs... The School Gyrls. Join Yenny, Yubin, Sun, Sohee, and Lim on this hilarious journey as they navigate their way through friendships, rivals, loyalty and crushes to prove they have what it takes to make it in the Big City; audience score: 65 votes

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With star Sade Austin Wonder Girls



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Wonder girls i feel you. We all have to agree this is the cheesiest movie ever. But if you watched, you probably love k-pop and the Wonder Girls, so it's nice to see our idols on their own film. Even if it's that bad. Yenny is the true star in the film, though the other girls have done a good job. I don't remember if one of them has acted before, so I won't say they're not actresses. The love story is just forgettable. The School Gyrls, well, they're not bad at all. Lim's character is cute and silly -she made me laugh hard. Yenny was ~the strong girl~ and I think that character suited her. Sohee and Sunye barely spoke.
To make it short: it's a bad movie with stereotypical characters and a predictable plot. But who cares? It's an idol movie! So I highly recommend it to all k-pop fans.

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Wonder Girls (Hangul: 원더걸스) was a South Korean girl group which consisted of Yeeun, Yubin, Hyerim and Sunmi in its final lineup. Their producer and manager was singer-songwriter Park Jin-Young, and the Wonder Girls were signed to his talent agency JYP Entertainment. Each of the five original members were selected through auditions.


1Wonder Girls - Be My Baby. O. Wonder Girls - Download From YouTube For Free. Like This- Wonder Girls. MP3 Download. Wonder Girls free mp3 music for listen or download. Wonder Girls music, videos, stats, and photos. Wonder Girls Nobody Mp3 for Android - APK. Wonder Girls was a girl group from Seoul, South Korea, which consisted of Yeeun (HA:TFELT) Yubin (유빈) Hyerim (혜림) and Sunmi (선미) in its final lineup. Their producer and manager was singer-songwriter Park Jin-Young, and the Wonder Girls were signed to his talent agency, JYP Entertainment. Each of the five original members were.





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For shizzle best part of the teaser lol.


陳凱倫 季欣渝 卡卡. Everybody wants to see a wonderbang episode again. Let's do Yubin vs. Daesung on the drums lol. but I love this you rock Yubin. Awesome cuz i do perfer nick over disney anyday. and i cant wait to see this<3 wondergirL, i love you girLs<3. I watched this movie at their premiere and it's AWESOME! You'll love Like Money and the movie is actually entertaining, not awkward or bad at all! You'll LOVE JYP in this, haha. Thumbs up so people can know. Always love WG ❤. OH MY GOSH. READING ALL YOUR COMMENTS IS LIKE HEARING PRAISES FOR ME... I'VE BEEN A WONDERFUL SINCE 2010/NOBODY... ALWAYS I WAIT FOR THEIR COMEBACK... AND NOW EVEN WITHOUT MY TWO BIASES SUNYE & SOHEE... I'M SO GREAT GRATEFUL.  I'LL SUPPORT THEM ALL THE WAY! YIPEE YEEYY. WONDERGIRLS SARANGHAEYO! HWAITING. 3 <3 <3.

So, is there still someone who'll doubt their skills.   THE HEEEELLL. THEY ARE SO GREAT. Really daebak. I dont care what others say. I finally see it now. They are truly tranform into a band! Wonder Girls Band! This is just a beginning. If the beginning is hard, and u can prove those haters wrong, ur success will last longer. I love you ladies. Thank u for coming back. I'm really impressed. They worked so hard for this comeback. I don't know why people keep on hating them. Instead of showing their boobs and ass like every girls group they really improve themselves. WG fighting.


저기 입학하기 까지 손끝이 터질정도로 연습했을 그대에게 치얼스. MANNISH. I have a dout. it's action movie or blue movie. what is the full of concept🤔. Back then: JYP-Wonder Girls YG-2NE1 SM-Girls Generation The big three companies and there old top girl groups Now: JYP-Twice YG-BlackPink SM-Red Velvet. Love this song.




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