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2015 / duration 78minute / Average Rating 2,7 of 10 Star / Writer Michael Rutkowski / Michael Rutkowski

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What an absolute treat this film was. The acting was unforgettable I'm looking to direct my own film and would love these very talented individuals to star in it. Plot line was completely original, frightening and disturbing. I was gripped from start to finish whist hanging off the edge of my seat.
Cinematography was first class I believe there should be an award given to this masterpiece.
I would recommend this film to everyone who appreciates the finer things in life.
By the way I am a horrible troll and the only good thing about this movie is reading the reviews about it, there are actually some people who have rated it 8 and 9 and not even in a horrible sarcastic way like myself, I can only speculate that they came from individuals who had been promised filthy and depraved sex acts after the fact, shame on them. The ones that really tickled me were the 3/10 ratings, to have seen films worse than this I genuinely feel sorry for them.
I apologize if you actually rented/bought this steaming pile of excrement on my recommendation, I seriously couldn't help myself although I do feel bad already. This is without a doubt the worst thing that has ever happened in the world to date.
I did say one true thing I am making my own film it's a snuff movie, I would love to personally do horrible and despicable things to these sorry excuses for actors before finally ending their miserable lives in ways I can only describe as deeply pornographic and disturbing.
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Most scary movie I've ever seen. The best horror movie I' ve ever seen for sure. 12/10. Ooh no, first movie with a budget of 10 dollar... Y'all Bizzy Forbes Montgomery had a whole another life.





Why are people saying this is a bad movie? I thought it was good. Poltergeist (2015. Rotten Tomatoes. I haven't seen the first one (I sorta wanted to too) but I thought it was creepy but clever when the kids were showing their murders like they were trading cards at 1:45. In hell, is it always necessary. Directed by Michael Rutkowski. With Luke Brandon Field, Donna Spangler, Simona Fusco, Aaron Lee. Horrific visions torment Taryn when she, her brother and college pals move into an infamous old house. Then, her bloody hallucinations become all too real. Poltergeist (film series. AMERICAN POLTERGEIST Movie Trailer. Wait, wait, it this really happened before.

American Poltergeist - 123Movie. Directed by Jordan Pacheco. With Tony Moran, Chris O'Reilly, Nicole Lasala, Dan Liebman. A group of amateur paranormal investigators, frustrated with the lack of any solid evidence after months of attempts, decide to provoke and taunt spirits from the afterlife in a last ditch attempt for a paranormal encounter. Poltergeist (2015. Stream and Watch Online, Moviefone. American Poltergeist (2015) Full Movie Free - 123Movies. American Poltergeist (2015.




Popular Videos - War Movies. English OnLinE Free Stream. Watch American Poltergeist Online Melty… Found American Poltergeist. Audience Reviews for American Poltergeist. Apr 06, 2017. Free YouTube watch. The acting is pretty bad, save the lead actress who plays Taryn, she was decent. Your Full List of All Upcoming DC.





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