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Dark ones. 2:41 that billboard in the background. why...


Genesis redux series. All we had to do was download the god damn mod. The somber, gritty, dirty ambiance that is just oozing with personality always drew me when the gameplay was not interesting. The intensity of the atmosphere reminded me of 28 Days Later for some reason. Genesis redux walkthrough. This trailer is perfect it shows so many different story with just one frame. Nevermind, I know what you mean now ;L. Genesis redux kodi. When i click the link, it send me at facebook(dot)com/ Anyway, i fixed this - just changed my facebook age to 18 and get teh key. Fuck system. Redux framework vs genesis. I know you didn't, I was just concluding your point D. Genesis redux 12. Genesis redux repo. Genesis redux 2.

Genesis redux 5. Roads look more real so in your world every piece of paint on the road is 100% visible? guess youre probably never driven a car... Genesis redux.





Keep ark alive just one more time. 1:04 You wouldn't like me when i'm angry. Megrendezett politikai gyilkosság volt az USA és Izrael közremüködésével! Ugyanazok adják a pénzt erre a filmre, akik megölték a cigányokat! Dicsöséges magyar történelmi eseményekböl miért nem forgatnak ilyen filmet? Mert csak a holokausztról és a cigányokról forgatnak filmet. Artiom must be really short in this one. Mk ultra at its finest. Where can i find the text of this trailer. Wish it wasnt a barrier when i join my friends lobby. OOOOOOOOOO. Brilliant trailer! So much emotion in the narration and amazing visuals along with it! Looks like I will need to upgrade my PC next year for this. I need to play the first one completely, have only played halfway.

One of the best games i had ever played. cant wait.
Prepare yourselves for 15 frames per second of awesomeness.
Sad and epic and amazing. I feel so sorry for the guy locking him self out of the metro to try to help say the metro. I also feel sorry for the dad fighting a monster and with his last dieing breath he grabs the tail of a nearby beast to try to save his new born child. how tragic...

They should of put people working not just technology only it will be much better but still great video game and just for PS4 what about PS3... Whoever makes the music for ARK deserves a raise.


1:49 LOL. I wish stalker was like this. . Dark ones. This is what gta 5 should have been from the start, thank you for making this mod :D. I've just read four books taking place in the metro universe so I' m really looking forward to play this now. It'll be a fresh thing to play something that I've read for an exchange. I think books will transfer better into games than movies actually. I believe books and games are closer to each other somehow than books are to movies. Maybe it's because both games and books require the person who consume the experience to participate and invest a lot more from themselves to the experience. When watching a movie you basically get everything served on a silver platter, you should just sit there and take it in. When reading or playing a game you have a lot more responsibility to create the experience. That's why I've never understood how guys like pewdiepie can even enjoy playing games, sitting and talking and commenting through the whole experience. Imagine doing that with a book or movie, just ruining the experience.

If there was ever a time for you to get out there 's now. Verrrrrrry good russian game. 10/10.



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