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Runtime: 1 Hour 6 Minute / genre: Documentary, Biography / Steve Austin / rating: 55 Votes

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Owen: Hart of Gold


Damn Piper was Canadian? Lol 🇨🇦. But yo my favorite tag team match be Bret and Owen vs tha STEINERS bros thanks Bret. I love the dvd and have liked this video. The best ever, period. When wrestling was fun to watch.


He was asked about Jack Brisco and then went into a long monologue about Montreal. I love it. Respect Martha Hart's wishes for not wanting this DVD to happen please.




Bret, you proved to be the ultimate warrior in the ring. You proved to be a warrior in life with your stroke. You can do it again Beat the Cancer. Damn Piper was Canadian? Lol 🇨🇦. When Owen Hart wore the yellow outfit, he almost looks like Mr. Perfect. I wonder if that's a shoutout when Curt was alive.

The Owen Hart of Gold is a great documentary. a must own. i have it on blu-ray.
If anyone can beat Cancer, Bret Hart can. He put the Stroke in a headlock, young as he is. You (Bret) are a hero. We are not important, you and your family are but we all love you. Fight hard. You are an inspiration.
Thanks for the interview, I really enjoyed it.


STill a beautiful man love him <3.


No raw is owen.

Piecing together widely available shoot interviews and some matches together doesn't make it a documentary. I wouldn't be surprised if we found out that this were a blood sacrifice. It sounds SO SO fishy that for a guy to hate doing that stuff and refusing to do it, they still made him do it, and even with the benoit angle, for someone that had not even an atomic level of negative about him to do what he did, it sounds TOO close to a blood sacrifice.

Owen Hart looks like Johnny from the Karate Kid. Owen's like I broke that neck you're guzzling that beer through. Him and Rick Rude were months away from 2000. If Owen never entered the ring from the ceiling, he'll still be here till this day.😢.


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