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Duration: 110 minute 75 Vote Mark Leonard Winter, Susie Porter genre: Drama Tomatometer: 7,6 / 10

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This is a powerful piece of film making on a very important story which could have been great. Unfortunately, it falls into the trap that seems to be a bit of a pitfall for many dramatisations of real events - the dialogue is overused for exposition. One can only assume that this sometimes makes realistic delivery of the scripted lines too much for actors and director alike.
It also tends towards hagiography in drawing Dr Wainer's character, despite making a few lacklustre attempts to paint him as flawed.
These quibbles aside, the acting is mostly very strong, particularly Susie Porter and William McInnes, and the overall pacing and direction is first rate. It's a story that should be told, and you walk away from this film exhausted by the gripping tension that has been created.


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