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Country=USA duration=1 h 30Min Documentary 9,3 / 10 stars Directed by=J. Edward Ellis

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This film is inspirational! Being a rusty pilot, you can feel alone or like you have done something wrong. Flying Again follows pilots of all ages and experience levels. Hearing their stories makes you feel like you can get back in to the cockpit! The film focuses on the difference between being current and being proficient. It is nice to know that even CFI's can be rusty. This film will motivate anyone to get back in to the cockpit and fall in love with aviation again! The film takes a close look at technology in the cockpit. The message is to focus on flying first and then add the technology later. This film was filmed in locations all over The United State. See what it is like to fly at the highest airport in the US or fly from a small island grass strip in Florida.




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